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Love-Hate Relationships

Silver tunes out the third chorus of "Hell to the NO!" long enough to walk up and ask Annie what is Rhonda's deal. Annie acknowledges Ethan's deep connection to her post-accident. She snipes, "I swear, if I have to hear about how that accident changed everything one more time, I may actually drive into a tree myself." Well, then. That accident sure changed Ethan's life, didn't it, Annie? Here are your car keys. Annie gripes that she wants Rhonda to get better already.

Annie grits her teeth into a fake smile as Ethan and Rhonda approach. She asks how Rhonda is doing. Rhonda complains about her fake aches, then rubs it in that Annie couldn't come with them to some New Age-y documentary about how one moment can change everything. Rhonda says the magic words about how it was so relevant because the accident really changed their lives. Annie can barely contain her rage and makes a jab about how true that is -- Ethan used to like action movies, but now he changed his mind and likes documentaries. Ethan gets all faux-losophical and corrects her that "the change is on the inside." Annie has to back down, and it's really awkward. Ethan offers to help Rhonda to class, and they all go their separate ways. But not before Silver snarks that maybe Annie should drive into a tree. Credits.

Back at West Bev, some d-bags leer at AAdrianna and wonder who the crack baby daddy is. They wager that Navid knows, which is convenient because he just happens to be passing by with his new girlfriend. They ask, and he claims ignorance. They say he really dodged a bullet, and he runs with it, trying to act all casual and guy-like by calling her a mess and saying he doesn't care anymore. He stops dead in his tracks when AAdrianna passes and glares at him. The d-bags grimace.

In class, the gayest high schooler this side of Eric van der Woodsen hands out roses for everyone. AAdrianna looks on, sure she won't receive one. But lo! She does. Her lips briefly spread into a smile... until she reads the card. Cut to her whining, "I'm getting pity flowers from the faculty!" Walking and talking with Naomi in the hallway, AAdrianna says she thought such gestures were reserved for real sad sacks. "Who? Scoliosis girl?" asks Naomi, who then obliviously reports, "She has a boyfriend now." -- "Of course she does," snots AAdrianna. She wallows in how stupid it was to think someone could secretly admire her and her big, honkin' belly. Naomi gets friend points for noting that pregnancy has given her killer cleavage, luxurious hair, and a glow. Those points are revoked when she claims she would go gay for AAdrianna. Ugh.

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