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Love-Hate Relationships

Over at West Bev, the dance is hopping as Navid enters with his gf. Dear God, what is that sweater? It's a weird, jutting geometric print of black and gray, with one blood red jut. I suppose it's all he could dig up that seemed, to his guy mind, remotely Valentines-y. Still, it's unfashionable even by Navid standards. Surely a porn producer's son can afford better?

Back at the restaurant, Dixon is still salivating as he finishes his meal. Silver tells him to save room for dessert. But then -- dun, dun, dunnnnn! -- the waitress appears with dessert menus. Apparently there has been some confusion, and Silver's pre-order was not logged, and now there is no molten chocolate cake left. The night is ruined! Silver flips out on the waitress to an insanely unnecessary degree, as if she can do anything. Dixon reminds her that Valentine's Day is about them, not some stupid cake. He further pacifies her with her gift -- an ID bracelet. I have no idea what the big deal is, it's a frickin' ID bracelet! -- but Silver deems this gift worthy of issuing a one-way ticket to her cooter. Upstairs they go.

Over at the dance, Rhonda the Recuperated arrives and spots Ethan. She says she felt better after unloading on Ethan and Annie, so she decided to come after all. As they chat, Ethan's phone rings. It's Annie. He ignores it. He asks Rhonda to dance, and she accepts with entirely too much hope in her eyes. As they dance and laugh, Annie leaves a teary messages begging Ethan to forgive her. Commercials.

Musical montage time! Foreplay proceeds over in the cul de sac of Silver's virginity. Navid's hideous sweater continues blinding random passersby at the dance. Naomi waits for her no-show Valentine. Annie mopes at the Casa. AAdrianna settles in for a lonely night with a box of chocolates and an old movie.

Ethan escorts Rhonda the Rhythmic to her car, and she teases Ethan about his dancing skills, or lack thereof. They say goodbye... and... pause. Construing this as a first-date lean-in moment, Rhonda the Rose-Colored Glasses awaits Ethan's move. When he doesn't make it, she takes matters into her own hands and kisses him. To be fair, he does let it linger for a second before backing away and reminding her that a.) they're just friends and b.) he has a girlfriend. She projects that things must be on the rocks with Annie since he danced with her all night and was looking at her all lovey-dovey. He apologizes if she mistook his thousand-yard stare as something meaningful, but she storms off. Rhonda the Rebuffed.

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