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This Is Your Brain on Prom
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Previously: Everything that wasn't the finale. Bring it, Bev Niner!

Back at Prom, Naomi is telling Sister Grifter (and everyone within earshot in the crowded bathroom -- way to be subtle, pinhead!) every last detail of Liam's vulnerable confession. SG nonchalantly applies some lip gloss and tucks the information away for strategic use later. Naomi thinks she's not listening, but you know she is. That is one cold, calculating bitch. Naomi is positively glowing about how much her relationship with Liam has changed in just one night. Meanwhile, Faux-ria Swanson and her janky eyebrows show up to whine all up on Naomi about her thwarted party. Naomi offers the use of her new digs, which SG immediately vetoes. Naomi brings up the salient point that the house, and everything in it, is technically hers since she paid. Cue Clark-trademarked passive-aggressive chuckling and SG ominously warning, "You don't want to do this, Naomi." No matter, the party is on!

Naomi proceeds to spread the word to everyone she can find. One girl warns her that "Benedict Annie" is approaching. Naomi defends Annie and assures her that she knows she didn't tell Harry. She also compliments Annie's wrap, a seemingly inconsequential moment... but just you wait. Naomi is positively buzzing from the excitement of having her first official party. And then she gets a text message that AAdrianna has gone into labor. She asks Annie to keep an eye on the house while she's at the hospital.

Elsewhere, Dixon, Silver, and Ethan scour the parking lot for their limo. It appears Navid and AAdrianna made off with it in their labor frenzy. Silver notices that Dixon is still bumming. He starts to bring up what a hag she is for shitting all over Prom, but Annie interrupts to announce AAdrianna's labor. She says they need to get to Naomi's house, stat, and they end up begging Faux-ria Swanson for a ride. Faux-ria is none too pleased to lend a helping hand to Annie the Rat. Oh, Faux-ria. People in glass Hummers...

Meanwhile, Naomi apologizes to Liam for abandoning him to go to the hospital. He promises he'll see her later at her party, and they have a sweet smooch. He marvels at the fact that he couldn't open up to a therapist yet felt comfortable telling Naomi his deepest secrets. He makes sure she knows what he said was private. A slight look of concern flashes across her face before she assures him that his secrets are safe with her... and SG... and everyone who happened to be in the bathroom about 10 minutes ago. Okay, maybe not so safe?

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