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Pillow Blight

In the hallway, Silver tells Annie she invited AAdrianna to the slumber party. Naomi walks up, so Silver invites her, too. Per her contract with the Queen Bee Union, Naomi makes fun of the others to establish that she is way cooler than this, but eventually accepts. She snarks she should get to know her new "family" better and wraps her spindly arm around her new "sis" as she suggests they play Truth or Dare. Annie is super-uncomfortable.

Later, Silver sits outside with a silent Dixon. Dixon philosophizes about how Annie's laugh sounds like Debbie's and maybe his new brother's laugh sounds like Harry's. In short, he feels left out. But he bucks up, saying he doesn't need Harry's laugh because he has his own and lets out a douchey-but-cute little chuckle. Silver takes this chance to ask about his parents. He says he lived in Brooklyn with his grandmother but had little contact with his crazy mother and addict father. Eventually, social services took him away and tossed him over to Kansas. I seem to remember another black man raised by his grandmother that's been in the news lately. Dixon/Silver 2012!

Silver asks if Dixon would ever want to see his mother again. He says no, and she relates. Dixon puts things into perspective: He ended up with a good life and a "super-hot girlfriend." At this, he gives her the once-over and goes "Uh huhhhh." Silver smiles at her charming (and not sleazy) boyfriend, then gets sentimental, saying the Wilsons realized they had to have Dixon. He faux-smugly pops his collar and asks when she is going to realize that she has to have him. She laughs, and they share a playful smooch.

Inside, Kimberly sashays into Matthews' classroom for some alone time. He says it's getting harder to see her every day. She says thinking about him is distracting her from her narc duties. They lean in, the school bell rings, and they must separate as students enter the classroom. Kim sits down and George, the overly blonde, Stifler-esque meathead, tells Kimberly he's working on "party favors" for her. Couldn't they come up with a better code word? Commercials.

AAdrianna tries to skip out on the slumber party because there might be drinking. Naomi assures her the party will be more about "ice cream and cookie dough and face masks" than Jaeger bombs. Just then, Navid trots up to them with an entire bag of Buttered Popcorn jelly beans, which he personally sorted. Try too hard much? He trots away before he can embarrass himself further by comparing her to Amy Winehouse or call her "moist and fluffy" or something. I think he's finally learned that it's best to keep these interactions short and sweet.

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