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Pillow Blight

AAdrianna is at once pleased and overwhelmed by the gesture. As you'd expect, Naomi looks on in disdain. I don't think people with post-electroshock therapy hair are in any position to judge. I mean, it's the Eagleton of hairdos. Naomi points out that this gift took hours of Navid's day, which obviously means he wants to bump uglies with AAdrianna. She adds that Navid paid for AAdrianna's rehab and probably wants something from her.

She continues chattering when Ozzy, her Latino detention heartthrob, appears and asks her "¿Que pasa?" She tells him she has a pizza date later. He asks her to reschedule it, but she smirks that it would have to be "really important" for her to break her date with Mama Celeste. He and his friends give her a "Damn, girl!" look because, for some reason, they buy into this shit. AAdrianna says Naomi is making Ozzy jump through hoops. Naomi smugs she won't be done until "he's sorting the Mikes from the Ikes and the Goods from the Plentys." Oh, Jesus. I think that was probably the cleverest line of the whole show so far. That is sad.

Annie packs her sleepover duds at Casa Wilson when Harry comes in to inquire about some activity on her emergency credit card. Apparently Jimmy Choo boots are quite expensive, but how would a Kansas girl know that? He also doesn't want her to go to Silver's slumber party if there are no adults there. She goes from zero to Bitch Face in no time flat and tells him that he was making babies at her age. Friends, let us mark this historic occasion: After nine grueling episodes, Annie finally scored a point. Harry's all, "Oh no you did not!" and walks out. Then Annie puts on her calf-high black boots over knee-high maroon socks and pairs them with walking shorts. Point revoked. History will just have to wait.

After dusk, we get a creepy rearview mirror shot of Navid waiting for AAdrianna to get out of her post-rehab meeting. She sees him and asks if he's actually stalking her. He asks her to give him a shot since he sorted gourmet jelly beans for her, then makes the unfortunate choice of saying that she owes him. AAdrianna harkens back to Naomi's misguided advice and concedes that she does owe him a little somethin' somethin'.

Back at Casa Wilson, Harry can't see the forest for the trees as he learns Annie snuck out. Debbie points out that she's safe at Silver's and is lashing out after learning his secret. She tells Harry to wait it out and trust Annie. Famous last words, Debbie. Over at Silver's Annie is in the midst of a rowdy ménage à quatre with Jose Cuervo, Naomi, and Silver. I, for one, am disappointed. I signed up for ice cream, cookie dough, and facemasks! Commercials.

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