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Pillow Blight

With her hair jacked up to heaven, Naomi finds Ozzy in the kitchen. He is cooking -- because that's what Mexicans do at house parties in Beverly Hills? -- and invites her to join him. She responds with a laugh she deems flirty and I deem Hillary Clinton-esque. Ozzy introduces her to his friend Julio. Annie teeters in, and Naomi takes her aside to ask her to be her wing girl while Naomi sidles up to Ozzy. Annie is wasted enough to agree before she actually processes all the words that Naomi just threw at her.

Elsewhere, Kim asks AAdrianna to hook her up with her dealer. AAdrianna says she doesn't do drugs anymore, but eventually obliges. She heads off and runs into Navid, who asks her if she wants to go somewhere more private. She accepts his invitation to go up and pay some bills, bills, bills.

Outside, Naomi compliments Ozzy's amazing grilled cheese, which he learned to make from his father. She says he's not like anybody at school, and he points out that he is, just not the people she knows. She smirks back that he's trying to throw her off her game, and he zeroes in on Naomi's M.O.: She likes to play games. He does not. Just as Naomi is about to invite him to play Doctor with her, Julio comes out. He and Ozzy bounce.

Left with some serious blue balls (or whatever is the girl equivalent), Naomi stomps back into the house to find the wing girl who left her high and dry. Said wing girl happens to be upstairs, dragging Ethan into a bedroom. Fortunately, she leaves the door open just long enough for Silver to spot them. Annie and Ethan make it all the way to the bed before Naomi approaches and puts her hand on the knob. As if we don't all know where this is going, the editors cut to commercials. We return, and before Naomi's can turn the knob, Silver interrupts her to "catch up on old times." So. Transparent.

In another darkened room, Navid and AAdrianna watch a sea turtle documentary. He gets up the nerve to scoot over and put his arm around her. She takes this as a cue to shell out the goods and "repay" him for her trip to rehab. Once some attempts are made to inspire him to initiate (including kissing his hand?), AAdrianna finally goes in for the kill.

Back in the other bedroom, Annie passes out on Ethan. He goes for water.

Over in the sober make-out room, Navid and AAdrianna get hot and heavy. She's pulled out a condom and taken her shirt off before he can put the brakes on the escalating action. He wonders why they're rushing this, and she reveals she thinks he expects sex since he paid for her rehab. Navid, the only living naïf in Beverly Hills, is appalled at this blight on his character. He storms off, leaving AAdrianna braless, ashamed, and -- worst of all -- sober.

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