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Pillow Blight

Out in the quad, AAdrianna apologizes to Navid for making assumptions and explains that her many visits to the casting couch have hardened her. (To be fair, Navid's father is a porn producer.) He tells her nice guys do exist, even if they haven't been offering her crack rocks in the back seats of old Pontiacs. She says she wants to be with him. She's enjoyed spending time with him... and he's "kind of an amazing kisser." They both blush -- and my heart flutters as I take another sip of the 90210 Kool-Aid. She offers him the chance to walk away now. He grabs his bag and starts heading off. Her face drops... until he whispers in her ear, "How about we walk together?" He takes her hand. She says how sappy that moment was, and he jokes that it's one of the side effects of being a nice guy. I think one of the side effects of watching this show is that I am devolving into a 13-year-old girl.

Inside, Annie and Ethan are rehashing the night before and having "the talk." She wants to stop lying and accept the consequences. He agrees very easily, and they make out. There sure are a lot of empty classrooms in this school.

Meanwhile, Naomi and her crimson lips approach Ozzy. She says she doesn't want to play games, but he just walks off and accuses her of playing the "I don't want to play games" game. And why wouldn't she? You get way better prizes in that one. She protests that she really does want to be straightforward, so he gives her his number and tells her to call him without waiting a preordained amount of time. He walks off, and Naomi happily whips out her phone and dials his number. She smiles at it rings... until she spots Annie and Ethan kissing -- just as Ozzy picks up. Stunned, she hangs up and angrily stares at her friends kissing and at her own reflection.

Next week: Hell hath no fury like Naomi scorned. Her flat-ironed alter ego comes to town to wreak havoc. Also in town? Annie's Kansan ex-boyfriend, who stirs the pot a little by kissing Annie and making out with Naomi. The throw down is ON.

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