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Senior Slump
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Last season: Annie and Liam shared their deepest, darkest, most criminally devious secrets with one another. When Jasper spied their blooming relationship, he blew some shit up. Dixon and Ivy planned a trip down Australia way. Silver and Teddy were on again, despite her ability to distract him from his future in tennis. Matthews knocked Jen up, then she knocked him down by telling him he'd have no part in the little demon spawn's life. AAdrianna ditched Navid to tour for the summer with his pop-singing knock-off. Harry and Debbie are dunzo. And Naomi very well may have been raped.

West Bev. Debbie drops off Annie and an overly jubilant Dixon -- who keeps screaming "Senior year, baby!" -- for their first day of school. She beats empty nest syndrome to the punch by welling up before they even have the chance to get into college. Never fear, though, because she shelves those emotions as only Martha Stewart could do by planning their annual back-to-school dinner. Apparently nothing says "Enjoy your last nine months of coddling" like bouillabaisse. She wishes them good luck and shouts out a "Senior year, babies!" for good measure.

Is that an echo I hear? Nope, just Navid. He's just as into this obnoxious "Senior year, baby!" crap as you'd expect. He congratulates Annie on finishing her house arrest sentence and getting through the psychological trauma of her hit-and-run. Don't you just love how Annie killed a man, and all anyone wants to know is whether she's recovered emotionally? Adding to that, she begrudgingly reminds them that she's still on probation for the foreseeable future. Yeah, because being on a tight leash with Debbie is totally just as bad as actual prison. She is the worst.

As they walk, she assures Navid that everything is back to normal, and normal is all she wants for her senior year. They run into Teddy and Silver. The guys slap high-fives and start planning their freshman torture techniques. For her part, Silver's consumed with perfecting her senior project so she can get into a kick-ass film school. What's that, Silver? You don't think your sophomore year amateur porno with hints of low-rent Bergman isn't going to seal deal at USC's admissions department? Teddy thinks his life on the cusp of the professional tennis circuit would make a great documentary. Dixon asks whether Teddy's really going to make the jump, and Teddy says this year will make or break his chances. Annie says that must be a lot of pressure. Navid jokes that "Pressure is a Persian father at college application time."

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