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The Fame Monster

Previously: Jen abandoned her baby. Teddy abandoned heterosexuality and sobriety. AAdrianna abandoned Navid in favor of Joe Jonas. And Navid nearly abandoned monogamy in favor of Silver.

Naomi drives recklessly down the road with AAdrianna, Silver, and Annie as AAdrianna's song comes on. They belt out at the top of their lungs, driving down the coastal highway. The girls wonder why she isn't stopping at their usual beach, so she tells them she has to make an additional stop to pick up Ivy. They wonder where Naomi's newfound sympathy is coming from, and Annie even brings up the fact that Ivy cheated on her brother, but Naomi says there were extenuating circumstances and says Ivy needs their support. They pull into the parking lot where Ivy struggles to make her surfboard fit into the car with all the girls, but they work it out, and Ivy bonds with AAdrianna over the fact that neither is big on tanning (though AAdrianna's tan ban is contractual).

Later at West Bev, Dixon and Navid banter about which one of them owes the other a favor. Teddy saunters up, and it's clear they're still pissed at him for driving high the other night. He apologizes, and everything appears to be mended for the moment. Navid heads off to a calculus test and runs into Silver along the way. They have an awkward we-almost-kissed-the-other-night moment before heading off in different directions and looking at each other at precisely the right (or wrong, if you will) times so that one misses the other's second glance.

Elsewhere, Debbie and Matthews interview a candidate to be little Jacques' nanny now that Jen's flown the coop. Debbie wants to think it over, but after nine interviews Matthews is ready to hire the first decent person that crosses his lap. His suspension is over, and he's panicked that he won't find someone in time. Now that they've found the nanny, Matthews says his terror level is subsiding. Debbie asks how she can take it down another notch, so he says whiskey is the answer. It always is.

Over at Shirazi's stomping grounds, Navid arrives home to find his family in stress. They inform him Mr. Shirazi has been angrily meeting with his lawyers all day and wants to meet with Navid. Navid heads into the next room, where Mr. Shirazi asks exactly what Navid told the authorities at West Bev about his business. Navid pretends not to remember the whole "kiddie pornographer" comment. Mr. Shirazi tells him he's being investigated by the authorities and very likely could go to jail. Credits.

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