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Summer Winners, Summer Losers

The girls scamper off, giggling cattily, then drop trou and dive in the pool. AAdrianna is temporarily spellbound when she sees a chubby baby girl playing with her mom. The girls notice her daze, and AAdrianna admits she can't just snap her fingers and become normal but is taking steps to get there -- namely, no drugs or drinking and no sex. Naomi snarks that Navid must be loving that, but AAdrianna says he's been very understanding and that, if it's what she wants, it's what he wants, too.

Elsewhere, Navid is singing a different tune. As he and Dixon pull up to the beach, Navid predicts that he's going to get laid soon. Dixon asks about the whole waiting thing, and Navid says he thinks they've waited long enough and that AAdrianna has made some statements implying that she's finally ready. No statements that explicitly expressed that she is ready, mind you. He asks Dixon for some help -- seeing as how Dixon's last foray into the carnal world turned out so well! Dixon suggests Navid rent out a cabana at the beach club and set the mood with flowers, candles and sexy music. Navid asks what music he should put on the mix, and Dixon quips, "Well, obviously 'Sex Machine.'" Navid is already planning whether to put it at song 6 or 9 when Dixon clues him in that chicks dig softer music like Norah Jones and Feist. Navid proudly declares that he's going to get laid as they gallop off to the beach. And, whoops! Like a newborn pony, Dixon couldn't quiet control his lambs, and he trips and brings Navid down into the sand with him. Ha! You sure you want sex tips from this guy, Navid?

Back at the pool, Silver is stressing over the love triangle she's found herself embroiled in between Dixon and Ethan. Naomi dismisses them both as boys, unlike her "real man" Jason and his meaty hands. Because nothing says down-there pleasure like sausage fingers! Silver tells her to keep her deli fantasies to herself. Naomi insists old salsiccia has better skillz than Liam. The other girls wonder what happened to Liam and speculate over whether he moved back to Long Island. Naomi is still bitter about their last misunderstanding and thanks God she's over him, even though she so clearly isn't. She can't believe he would have had sex with Annie on her bed. Silver points out that she didn't actually see it happen. Naomi counters that Annie screwed her over by calling the cops on the party. Silver concedes that Annie is a rat but still doubts that she cheated. Naomi vows to punish Annie.

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