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Summer Winners, Summer Losers

Speak of the White Devil, pale-faced Annie is holed up in the Wilsons' new home when Debbie comes in to ask if she wants to explore the neighborhood and get some sun. Annie bluntly rejects the offer, then returns to Google-ing herself and her part in the hit-and-run. The guy she hit is in a coma.

Back at the club, sunbathing Naomi flips over and spots ol' Jimmy Dean digits walking to the pool. Then, much to her chagrin, she sees him picking up some kids and kissing the Real Housewife. He spots her and looks stricken. Credits. Oh! And it's a bouncy new rendition. Guess that old one was too punk rock for them.

Some time later, Naomi has resolved to get over Lefty McBratwurst by dragging Silver along to play tennis with her and ogle a blonde prepster on the next court. Silver advises her to check for a wedding ring. Naomi peacocks around, despite any actual tennis ability, and Silver sips coffee while they settle on their game plan: Hit the ball into the Preppy's court. Which would be a good plan if Naomi could actually hit a ball. She lucks out and struts over to the fence to have an innuendo-laden conversation about balls and doing things by the numbers, etc. Silver takes the piss out of them immediately. The three get to talking about discover they're all incoming West Bev students. Blondie lives up to his stereotype and reveals that he just transferred back after spending three years at Exeter.

The girls introduce themselves, age-inappropriate pop culture jokes are swapped (Do they really expect me to believe these kids have watched Vicky Christina Barcelona?), and Silver wanders off to scrub off the sleaze. AAdrianna appears from nowhere and recognizes Blondie. His name's Teddy Montgomery -- of course -- and he was her boyfriend way back when at summer camp. Naomi deflates a little.

Back at the Nueva Casa, the Wilsons sit down for a family BBQ dinner. Debbie and Harry propose a toast to new beginnings, which Annie immediately pisses on with her craptacular attitude. Just a tip, hon: If you don't want to get fingered for a devastating crime, maybe try to blend in a little better. Harry tries to cheer her up, saying that things are looking up. In addition to the new house and new year, Tabitha's gotten a show in Vegas (bittersweet news for yours truly, who is in dire need of a Tabby fix... Ooh! Maybe she'll return in a showgirl costume?! One can only dream...). Debbie asks Annie if she's going to the end-of-summer party at the beach club. Even Harry's all, "You did an assy thing by ratting out your friends. They should be mad at you." Annie gets an e-mail alert about the hit-and-run and abruptly leaves dinner. Debbie tries to salvage the family time, but Harry has quit that bitch. Good on him. Up in her room, Annie checks her e-mail and sees that the guy she hit has died in the hospital. She runs outside as Dixon pulls out and begs him to take her away.

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