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Summer Winners, Summer Losers

The next day, Naomi and Silver arrive for the first day of school to find Silver, who is noticeably cheerier. She vows to get Dixon back, saying they're not done. Dixon, on the other hand, says they're "done-r than done." He declares himself officially single and starts working that Wilson charm on every little hoochie in his path.

Inside, Naomi is running down her "to do" list, naming pretty much every guy left in the school she hasn't banged. It's a short list, I suspect. Silver tells her to slow down and quit going from guy to guy like she's desperate. Naomi breaks down and admits that she's still hung up on Liam and is seeking replacement therapy. AAdrianna looks over... and speak of the dirt bag! Naomi looks back to see Liam leaning against a locker, as high school bad boys do. He walks up and says they need to talk, but she runs off.

Outside, West Bev gets all 10 Things I Hate About You when suddenly there is a break dancing clique. Seriously? Annie rolls up in the car -- Watch out breakers! -- about the same time Teddy pulls into his slot. He leers at her heartily, but she doesn't notice because she's too busy trying to make 'fetch' happen with Date Rape Mark. She walks up to him and tries to start a conversation, but he totally gives her to brush-off. Something tells me that conversation lasted about as long as the taking of her virginity.

She walks off meekly as he brags to his friends that he bagged the principal's daughter. They don't believe him, so he pulls out proof. Sadly, it's not panties. Instead, he took a naked cell phone picture of her. Naomi, still stinging from her unexpected run-in with Liam, smacks into Annie and spits venom at her. She continues walking and happens upon one of rape-y Mark's friends speculating that she'd probably like to see the picture. Before he can put it away, she grabs the phone and gets an evil glint in her eyes before texting the picture to herself. Nothing ails a broken heart like mean-spirited machinations!

She sashays off and runs into AAdrianna and Silver. They ask if she's feeling okay. She's suddenly feeling much better, she says, and grins devilishly, adding, "I have a feeling this is going to be our year." Cue Mean Girl walk.

Next week: Naomi finally embraces her inner bitch. Hopefully it brings out the Annie-mal. This Lady could use a good bitch fight.

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