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Honesty Is the Worst Policy
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Previously: Naomi began a love triangle with the California University Dean of Admissions' son and his BMOC roommate. AAdrianna circled the drain, thanks to a couple packets of happy pills from her former drug dealer and Annie boyfriend Kris Jr. Reality smacked Silver square in the face when she woke up to find her mother Jackie possibly dead.

We open at the hospital as Silver rushes behind the gurney being wheeled in the O.R. The doctor tells her to wait until there's news.

Elsewhere, Naomi informs Navid she wants to join the Blaze to pad her resume for college. Now that's the can-do spirit! He says no, since she'll flake once given any actual work, but she begs to an annoying degree and finally he relents. She tells him her thrilling plan for a broadcast: "Clark After Dark." Think Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, but more horrifying. Navid shuts that down immediately and tells her she can start by unpacking some boxes for him. She grimaces but accepts the assignment. He switches gears, telling her that he knows AAdrianna's back on las drogas.

Cut to later, out in the quad. AAdrianna lies that she's clean, but Naomi trusts Navid a little more since AAdrianna has lied about using before. AAdrianna points out that she is nothing like when she used coke... technically true since pills are her poison of choice presently. AAdrianna emphatically insists she's clean and says she's going to straighten things out with Navid.

Back at the hospital, Kelly arrives, and Silver fills her in: Technically Jackie was dead that morning, but the medics revived her. Now she's touch-and-go. Silver starts to break up, and Kelly is comforting her when the doctor comes out. She grimly tells them that Jackie had a cardiac arrest and is too weak from the chemo to fight much more. She sends the girls in to see Jackie, who has regained consciousness. Silver starts heading in, but Kelly can't face it.

La Casa Nueva. Dixon sulks past the breakfast table with barely a word to Debbie and Harry. Quite the opposite, Annie practically dances in with news that she's seeing someone special. She gives Harry and Debbie all the "dirty deets" (Harry's unhip phrase) and then asks if she can have Kris Jr. over for dinner. They make plans for the next night. Debbie and Harry marvel that she's actually sharing with them as she sashays back upstairs... where we see she's got Kris Jr. stashed away. After a night of teenage lovemaking, no doubt. They start to kiss but are disrupted by a knock at her door. Kris Jr. scampers away, and Annie answers Debbie's question about what Kris Jr. would like for dinner: Mahi Mahi. Bouncy credits.

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