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Band of Smothers
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Previously: AAdrianna and RuWill became lezbefriends. Annie got a little blackmail to match her black heart. Teddy gave up his playboy ways. And Dixon's biomom came back just in time to ruin Jeopardy. Hag.

Annie goes on her nightly run through the park, only to see Jasper in mid-stalk. His boat-sized, classic convertible is definitely not the optimal car for clandestine watching of your ex.

Back at La Nueva Casa, Harry and Debbie welcome in Dixon's biomom Dana. She says she got Dixon's e-mail saying he wanted to visit her in Arizona, but she couldn't get together the words to write back to him properly. Finally she bucked up and drove up to say everything in person. Annie comes in and gives Dana a chipper hug, surprising Debbie, who doesn't know about Annie and Dixon's little Diet Dr. Pepper-sponsored road trip to Phoenix last Spring Break. He admits he wasn't ready to talk to her then, but is thrilled to have the opportunity now. Dana starts to make her way out to check into a motel, but Dixon won't have it. He invites her to stay at the Casa before consulting his parents. Harry gets on board, but Debbie is obviously none-too-pleased.

Beach Club. Silver and Teddy are on their first date, and Teddy is pushing to share meals. She begrudgingly accepts his proposal, and they lean in for a "yay new relationship!" kiss -- only to be interrupted by a couple hussies still angling for a piece of Tight Abs Montgomery. Silver snarks that if he went out with them he could try three dishes. Silver sets about picking their dishes. Teddy's only request is that she doesn't get the vegetable medley. Her selection process is again interrupted when Teddy's phone rings. The ID says Amy, and her unique ring tone is George Michael's "I Want Your Sex." Delightfully retro! Silver's annoyance rises as he claims she programmed it into the phone herself. She lasers in on the menu, only to have the Trick Trifecta completed when the waitress gives Teddy an all-too-familiar hello. He doesn't remember her, of course. Don't hate the playa! Okay, well, maybe you can... Silver might. She orders the vegetable medley.

Nueva Casa. Debbie wants to dig in, but Dana asks if they can say grace first. Dixon offers to do the honors, reciting a prayer he used to say when he was still living with Dana. He says memories of her, just like the prayer, come back all the time. They explain the "culture shock" of moving to L.A., but Annie says he had no problems adjusting at all. Dixon makes a joke, and everyone laughs but Dana. He tries to reminisce with her, but she seems more focused on her food than him.

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