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Band of Smothers

Elsewhere, Navid is researching anti-drug PSAs for his penance at school. His lackey Lila brings by the latest edition of the video Blaze -- do they even have a print edition anymore? Am I that old? She slips in that it features Naomi's first segment, claiming it's "not that bad." Navid anxiously flips it on. It's basically a seven-minute long list of not-at-all blind items about various West Bev students and their sordid personal lives. Navid say they have to put a stop to this.

Over at Silver's, she's called Naomi over to bitch about all the "big-boobed bimbos" that were all up in her grill on her date with Teddy. Naomi gets unduly excited about the prospect of Silver getting implants, but that's clearly not in the cards. Silver says she needs to get comfortable with Teddy's past. Naomi proves herself to be the worst consoler ever as she says she'd be freaking out about Teddy cheating on her, then suggests Silver go all girl detective and monitor all of his digital correspondence to ensure he doesn't. For her, that's "the usual."

Back at the Casa, Annie takes out the trash. She looks around warily but sees nothing and heads back inside. How she didn't see Jasper 10 feet away, sitting in his car and loudly flicking a Zippo open and shut, is beyond. Not known for her smarts, that girl. Credits.

When we return, Annie has headed upstairs, where Dixon is stressing about how awkward dinner was. He feels like Dana doesn't want to connect with him and says he doesn't know what to call her. They might as well be strangers. Annie suggests time alone might alleviate some of the pressure on both of them. She urges him to give it another go.

Downstairs, Debbie wonders aloud to Harry if Dana is judging them, especially in light of the revelation that Dixon and Annie took a 750-mile road trip without them knowing. Harry says all they can do is make Dana feel comfortable in their home so she knows they're not threatened by her.

Beach, next morning. Dixon, Teddy and Liam leave surf practice joking about Naomi and Ivy's roll in the sand. Dixon ends the conversation abruptly when he discovers his car is missing. Remarkably they didn't take Liam's -- with all the windows open! -- or the top-down convertible next to it. Yep. Everyone loves a crap wagon.

Meanwhile, RuWill and AAdrianna drive around in RuWill's VW van. Of course she has a VW van. Walking -- make that rolling cliché. AAdrianna enthusiastically sings along to Dolly Parton's "Jolene," plunging RuWill more deeply into her lesbian love haze. Then she offers to wait for RuWill after school. RuWill calls her out for trying to orchestrate a way to bump into Navid. AAdrianna cops to it, swooning that Navid nearly got expelled because he was trying to protect her from Jasper's evil clutches. She makes RuWill promise not to tell anyone about Navid's harebrained scheming. AAdrianna wonders how she can get over someone who would make such a valiant (idiotic) gesture. RuWill -- with absolutely no agenda assures AAdrianna she'll get over Navid when she meets someone else. She says she did, which AAdrianna is keen to know. RuWill keeps her straight-girl-lovin' lips sealed.

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