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Band of Smothers

The surfing trio arrive at West Bev, Dixon still stressing about his stolen car. Navid joins the group and makes it clear he's still bent on destroying Jasper's life. The guys tell him to give it a rest, but Navid says he is morally bound, since Jasper got AAdrianna back on the bad shit. Dixon zeroes in on the fact that this little suicide mission is more about Navid's lingering feelings for AAdrianna than Jasper's multifarious misdeeds. Navid claims, unconvincingly, that he's moved on. He even says he noticed his cousin had "suddenly become very womanly" the other night. Ick. He says he's going to get back in the game ASAP.

Inside, Silver and Teddy study together. She does all the work in turn for makeout credits. He excuses himself to the bathroom just in time for a message from Amy (titled "Wanna see you," good lord that girl is subtle as a sledgehammer!) to pop up on his screen. Silver can't help herself. She reads the mission, which sets a meet-up for that evening at 5 p.m.

Blaze office. Navid and his soon-to-be-lucky Lackey Lila have taken the knife to Naomi's segment, editing it down to a single, choppy phrase: "Health care reform is definitely a public issue." They laugh at their shoddy trickery and acknowledge it looks like she's having an epileptic fit. In between laughs, Navid asks LL to dinner. She's somewhat taken aback but agrees.

Out in the hall, RuWill hands AAdrianna a flyer for a band seeking a singer. She thinks AAdrianna should try out because it'll get her mind off of Navid. Yeah, a band is a great option for someone who just fell off the wagon, like, two weeks ago. AAdrianna kindly declines RuWill's suggestion. Methinks a certain chin-gifted BFF is going to go back on a rejection bender any day now.

Yoga in the park. Debbie's foxy instructor offers her some coconut water. Debbie quips, "Does it come with tequila?" He offers a rippling shoulder to cry on, so she admits things have gone pear-shaped at home since Dana came into the picture. She lies that she's fine with it, but FoxYoga Dude doesn't buy that she's not threatened. She concedes that she is, and he says her feelings are valid. Unlike old stoic Harry, eh Deb? Don't partake of that forbidden fruit (coconut), girl.

West Bev. Silver freaks out to Naomi that Teddy's already cheating on her. Naomi says maybe he won't go through with it, but she doesn't seem too convinced by that idea herself. She's all, "You totally shouldn't spy on him, but maybe you could hide behind a palm tree across the street from the coffee shop and, you know, take a peek now and again. Also, wear camo." Silver decides it'll be too obvious if she goes. They look over the balcony and behold RuWill and her oh-so-subtle-will-totally-not-attract-attention flame red hair and put on their "up to no good" grins before asking her for a favor.

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