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Band of Smothers

Meanwhile, Dixon and Dana are having dinner at some sports bar. Dana strikes up a conversation about the basketball game on the screen. She says she has some money on the game, which surprises Dixon. She tells him they're just getting to know each other. He asks if she really wants to know him and mentions her stand-offish behavior the night before. She explains she didn't want to dwell on the past, especially when some of his "fond" memories took place during her psychotic episodes. Apparently they ate those tacos he loved so much three a meals a day for 89 days in a row. She was embarrassed to admit that to Harry and Debbie, so she changed the subject. He assures her they don't think she's a bad mom, insisting they're grateful to her. "'Cause, you know, I am quite the prize," he jokes. They hold hands and laugh together.

Back at the beach, LL teases Navid's lack of suave. He tells her he's a champ at third dates and mock seriously says, "Prepare to be swept away." She says she thought he was just using her to get over AAdrianna. He acknowledges that the date started out that way but has become about her. He asks her for another date, grabs her hand, and asks if he can kiss her. She says yes, and they lean in.

Just down the beach, ripe for heartbreak, AAdrianna is trying to guess RuWill's secret crush in 20 questions. She doesn't get very far, though, because she sees Navid and LL. She says she has to find a way to get over him, and RuWill suggests they go to the band audition. AAdrianna says she'll try anything. RuWill clasps her arm around AAdrianna's shoulder, and they walk off. A bit later, the band members sit rapt as AAdrianna warbles out "Jolene." It's a bit Broadway in parts, but she has a good dynamic and tone to her voice. RuWill approves. And so does the band. They tell her they're going to nix callbacks and offer her the gig. Geez, I really hope this doesn't take a turn for the Rayanne Graf.

Downtown, Annie, Silver and Naomi are feasting on Crumbs cupcakes. Well, Silver's moping, really. She feels guilty for reading Teddy's e-mail then acting like a paranoiac and sending some random lesbian to spy on him. Annie and Naomi tell her not to cry over spilled soy lattes. Fresh off a spiel about moving on from your mistakes, Annie takes the cupcake wrappers to the trash and spots Jasper reading a book mere feet away -- rather unobtrusively, really. She freaks, telling Naomi and Silver they need to leave immediately. They leave, asking Annie if he's stalking her. Jasper stays put, reading his book with laser-like focus. A little too much focus if you ask me. Maybe he's been sampling the product.

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