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Band of Smothers

Casa Nueva. Debbie is in full overreact mode, wondering if she should text Dixon since he hasn't come home yet. Harry is pretty nonchalant about it and tells her to do whatever she thinks is right. The phone rings, and Debbie immediately thinks it's bad news about Dixon. He hangs up and tells her the car was found downtown completely stripped. Just then, Dana and Dixon arrive home chatting about basketball. Dana apologizes for keeping Dixon out late. Debbie acts like it was no big deal. Dixon heads upstairs for the night. Harry asks if she sees now that her worries were unfounded. It's totally non-judgmental and casual, but Debbie snipes back that her emotions are valid. Harry doesn't know what hit him. Upstairs, Dixon waits a few beats before excitedly logging on to an online gambling website. Really? You're taking tips from a woman who was so mentally unstable she had to abandon you? Great.

West Bev, next day. AAdrianna shows up for her band practice. They while away some time discussing one of her band mate's hang-up about tambourines. It's weird. Then guess who shows up. LL, the group's bass player. We all know why she couldn't attend auditions the night before. So much for AAdrianna getting her mind off of Navid.

Speaking of, Rico Swampy finds his bros in the caf to brag about his "hot date" the night before. He's kind of giddy about it. Dixon razzes him about whether the date distracted him from his plot to annihilate Jasper. Navid concedes that it did and that the whole ruse may have been more for AAdrianna's benefit than anyone else's. Dixon mocks, "So who's hotter? Lila or your cousin?" Navid says definitely Lila.

Meanwhile, AAdrianna, with RuWill in tow, is stomping angrily through the quad bitching about LL being in the band. She moans and frets and ponders quitting long enough for RuWill to break down and admit her secret crush is AAdrianna. She walks out, leaving AAdrianna stunned.

Outside, Teddy is prattling about how "hardcore" he is for some sport, but Silver has to stop him because she can't take the guilt anymore. She confesses to reading the e-mail and sending someone to spy on him, putting it off to her insecurities. She admits she was wrong and says now she can trust him. He shoots back that he's not sure he can trust her and walks off. How quickly we forget, huh, Teddy? You were a blink away from a weekend romp at Amy's, buddy.

Out front, Jasper asks Annie if she wants a ride. She says he's stalking her, and it's scary. He claims he's just trying to help. Why else would he steal her car? He reminds her it's the one piece of evidence linking her to his dead hobo uncle. Suddenly Annie realizes she's way deeper in this than she realized. Cut to black.

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