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Snow Falling on Seethers
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Previously: AAdrianna got high. Jen got taken down. Ivy got in the middle of Liam and Naomi. Annie's tires got all up some once-rich hobo. And Navid went down -- the stairs, with a little push from Kris Jr.

West Bev is all dolled up for the holidays. Ballerinas dance to The Nutcracker in the halls, then invite the students to the Winter Wonderland dance. It's like an ultra-low-budget version of the Yule Ball from Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. Kris Jr. mocks the festivities, but Annie and her eight-inch-long roots mourn for the days when she wasn't a second-rate art clique wannabe. Back when she actually fit in at stuff. Before the hobo-killing. Kris Jr. says they probably couldn't go anyway since Harry is likely chaperoning. Annie says that, actually, he's going to be out of town but assures him she is okay with not going.

She heads to the girls bathroom, where Naomi intercepts her to apologize for being a monumental bitch re: Liam. Naomi cops to her massive insecurities and seems genuinely remorseful about her lapse in judgment. Annie, as you would expect, doesn't give her a damn inch. Instead, she just acts like a brat and storms off. Forgetting that it was her own stupidity that caused her to get wasted and plow down an itinerant. Forgetting that it was this very same hit-and-run spree that led her to her current one-and-only Poor Man's Sonic the Hedgehog. Annie's not really a silver lining girl. I'm not even sure she sees the cloud, honestly.

Elsewhere, Navid regrets not getting a good look at Kris Jr. (aside from his Nazi Youth combat boots) before he was pushed down the stairs. He has nothing to tell the police and no way to secure proof. He does think it'll be pretty solid to get proof that Kris Jr. is a drug dealer, though. Enter RuWill Knock-Off "Lila," who regrets to inform Navid that no one's turning stool pigeon on Kris Jr. Navid won't take no for an answer, though, and works himself into a frenzy over taking Kris Jr. down. Honestly, I think he's just jealous that he had to miss the Jen-ocide because he was in the hospital.

Over in the caf, Ivy gets all aggressive towards a leftover spinning ballerina, obviously separated from the flock on the way back to the bar. Liam takes this to mean she's not interested in going to the Winter Wonderland dance. She changes her tune fast enough to make your head spin, playing it like she wants to go and mock them. Secretly, of course, we know that she wants to have some She's All That walking-down-the-stairs moment. She's probably practicing that dance to "The Rockafeller Skank" in her head as I type. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe you are not, honey. She and Liam head over to their table while, Teddy makes a beeline for Silver.

He says hi, and she asks him to sponsor her in a 5k run for breast cancer research. She product placements that she's a Ford Warrior in Pink, then jokes about him joining up for the pink togs. She starts heading off to solicit more donations, but he stops her to ask her what she's doing for the dance. She plans to stop in with Naomi before heading off to St. Barts. He wonders what he'll have to do to trump St. Barts. She realizes that he's asking her on a date. He semi-timidly admits it, then she laughs because she thinks his idea of taking a date to a dance is arriving with one girl and leaving with another. She doesn't even give him a chance to respond before slapping a sponsorship form in his hand and heading off.

Out in the hall, Ivy and Liam continue to spar verbally. Then he spots Naomi and totally ditches Ivy. In yo' face, surfer bitch! Ivy watches as he heads over to Naomi. Naomi tells him that she was initially thankful to him for exposing Jen's duplicity. Then she had time to think and stew and start to hate him. Now she can't believe he would take so long to tell her something so monumental. He tries to explain that he didn't think she'd believe him over Jen, but she's having none of it. Liam looks pained as we segue into bouncy credits.

Naomi heads into the restroom on the verge of losing it. Silver catches up to her and encourages her to tell Liam that she's still hung up on him. Naomi says she can't be with someone who would be so dishonest with her. Plus she saw him kissing Ivy ("Guess he likes the smell of B.O."). She resolves to pick up a hottie in St. Barts. They head back out to the corridor, and we learn that Ivy has been in the bathroom stall listening to the entire conversation.

The guys toss grapes into each other's mouths. Which is totally not gay at all! They're screaming football calls while doing it! Teddy encourages Liam to ask Ivy to the dance, even though he got shut down by Silver. He apologizes to Dixon, who plays it cool. Navid tells him to have heart -- it's possible to get someone to see you in a different light. Given Silver's AAdrianna-esque penchant for breakdowns, though, no one is really shooting for the stars here. They ignore this fact, and Navid relishes the chance to give Teddy girl advice. Then he tells Teddy to show Silver his heart, and all the guys hurl their displaced homophobia from the grape-tossing on to him at once.

Inside, Naomi and Silver eat lunch. Naomi is jazzed about going topless at St. Barts. As she would be. Silver tries to hold down the vomit as AAdrianna approaches. She offers Naomi a sympathetic ear in light of the Jen situation. Naomi coldly rejects her, and Silver follows suit.

Out in the quad, Ivy showboats for Liam in the most obvious way possible. She gets momentarily distracted when Liam asks her to the dance. She acts all cool and blasé about it, but she is squee-ing her pants.

Elsewhere, Navid makes it clear to Kris Jr. that he knows Kris Jr. pushed him down the stairs and that he's watching him. Navid heads inside to ask AAdrianna for help. They sequester themselves in a classroom where Navid updates her on the situation. He asks her to flip on Kris Jr., but she doesn't want to compromise her probation. With much disappointment, he tells her he'll figure something else out.

Meanwhile, Debbie has checked Dixon out of school to play Putt-Putt. Dixon is not enthused. She gets to the heart of it, asking how long he's going to hold a grudge about the DJ Hottie fiasco. He doesn't relent, so she continues to hold him captive at the mini golf course.

Back at West Bev, Liam apologizes to Annie that he didn't clear her name with Naomi months ago. Kris Jr. approaches mid-conversation in full-on creepster mode, looking desperately. Liam has a momentary stare-off with him -- as Liam is wont to do -- then apologizes once more before leaving. Kris Jr. immediately undermines the apology, but Annie seems to have seen the light for a second. She realizes that Jen was, in essence, the architect of the last six months and all its cataclysmic events. She realizes that she could be Old Annie if not for Jen. Kris Jr. tries to debunk this revelation by pointing out that none of her friends believed her in the first place. She has to concede that point, but she still yearns for the good old days. Kris Jr. promises to be there for her, then throws her a bone by telling her he will be escorting her to the dance after all. Annie = placated. Back to the docile, mindless simpleton we all know and love.

Back at the mini-golf course, Debbie reiterates her apology to Dixon. She also calls him out for being a dickhead of the highest order when he said she wasn't his real mom. She tells him how hard she worked to get him to let her in his heart way back when. They mine the traumas of Dixon's rags-to-riches childhood. Dixon admits he still can't make sense of how his life ended up in Beverly Hills. He assures her that he truly does think of her as his mom, regardless of the asshole things he says. Debbie sheds a tear, and they hug.

West Bev. An announcement comes on the TVs in the hall as Silver shuts her lockers. It's Teddy. He wants to announce that he's done with his playboy ways because he finally met the girl he wants to commit to. Then he appears in real life to tell Silver that he actually likes her as a friend, which is not how his previous relationships began. With her, he says, it's different. He promises not to let her down and asks her to give him a chance by going to the dance with him. And she turns him down! Cold.

That night, the dance is in full gear. Apparently Harry sent out a memo for everyone to wear tones of grey, ice blue, beige, and cream. As Liam and Ivy enter, Matthews stops traffic-directing students to apologize for not giving him the benefit of the doubt with Jen. Liam has no hard feelings. They head off, leaving Matthews looking pensive. Annie and Kris Jr. catch up to AAdrianna at the ticket table. Annie asks how Kris Jr. knows AAdrianna, so he lies that they have gym together. AAdrianna looks mighty stressed when she realizes Annie and Kris Jr. are dating.

Inside, the surf team guys (and Ivy) realize how lame they are for mostly not having dates. Teddy moons over Silver. Dixon joins in anew. Teddy heads over to give it another go with Silver, asking Dixon to wish him luck. Dixon does not seem too pleased at this idea.

Across the room, Silver rolls her eyes at Naomi's minor freak-out upon realizing she hasn't color-coordinated her phone to her dress. Major dramz! Teddy approaches to ask Silver to dance. She reluctantly accepts. They head out onto the floor, and it magically starts snowing. The romance mood officially set, Liam walks out of a photo booth with Ivy only to be transfixed by the sight of Naomi marveling at the snow. He stares at her longingly across the room, and she sees and flees. The drama hangs in the air as Silver laughs giddily at the falling snow. Teddy takes the moment to kiss her passionately. She lets him linger for a moment, then pulls away. He says he'll give up if she can honestly tell him she doesn't feel anything. She doesn't do that, but does run away.

Wherein she runs into Naomi and basically admits that she has feelings for Teddy. Naomi says Teddy's feelings seem genuine and tells Silver to put aside her reservations, or -- I quote -- "the guy you like will end up with some she-male who only has one pair of shoes." Silver disregards the blatant weirdness (and awesomeness

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