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A Proportional Response

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A Proportional Response

Previously on The West Wing: Sam tells Toby he accidentally slept with a prostitute, Josh fears Sam will try to "reform" the prostitute, Leo tells Morris Tolliver that POTUS wants him to be his personal physician, Mandy is hired over Josh's objections, Leo gives POTUS the news of Tolliver's death, and POTUS vows a revenge involving thunder and fury.

Morning at the White House. Josh, looking exceptionally pasty (and a little damp, since it's pouring out), arrives at work as Donna rushes up behind him to tell him that C.J. is looking for him. He tells her that "Good morning, Josh" is a pretty good way to start the day. Donna complies and when he asks what's up, she tells him for the third time that C.J. is looking for him. Josh is oblivious to the urgent tone in Donna's voice and says to tell her he's in his office. Donna, for the fourth time, tells Josh about C.J. in a way that finally makes him ask, "What did I do?" Donna asks, "How would I know?" to which Josh replies, "'Cause you know everything." Donna smugly agrees. Josh is a little annoyed, and Donna launches in about how sure, he says that now but whenever she wants to make a substantive contribution...and Josh cuts her off to insist that she makes plenty of substantive contributions. Donna wants an example; Josh points out that telling him why C.J. is looking for him could be a substantive contribution. Donna picks this moment to tell him she needs a raise. Josh: "So do I." Donna points out the obvious, namely that Josh is her boss. He protests that he's not the one who pays her; her point is that he could recommend her for a raise. Josh, increasingly desperate to find out just how much trouble he's in, asks Donna whether she thinks this is the best time to ask for a raise. Donna glibly replies that she thinks it's the best time. Josh tells her she's not a very nice person. (Nor terribly smart, it would appear.) Donna finally huffs a bit and tells Josh that from the "small shards of information" she's been able to overhear, the best she can "cobble together" is that there may be some situation involving Sam, a woman, and C.J.'s being denied information. Josh doesn't really answer her but says, "Okay, here's what I'm going to do..." Donna: "Hide in your office?" "No, I'm not going to hide in my office. I'm going to go into my office and devise a strategy. That is what I do. I'm a professional. I'm not a little boy." Donna mutters, "That's the spirit." As Josh puts his hand on the doorknob, he says, "But if she calls, I'm at the dentist. I'll be back in an hour." Donna says "Got it," as Josh walks into his office to see C.J. sitting in his chair reading a newspaper, long legs and high heels perched up on his desk. Josh lets out a loud yell of alarm as C.J. folds the edge of her paper down, glares over the top edge of her glasses and announces, "Wow, are you stupid!" Credits.

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