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In Which Everyone's Pretty And Nothing Hurts
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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Elena cried. Many people died.

Currently, on The Vampire Diaries, Elena and Rebekah have been to three towns in 24 hours, and yet there's no sign of Katherine. They're no longer in Damon's baby blue convertible. What's up with that? I suspect it's a product placement for this new car, but I don't recognize the brand so I think that means I win. Tired, hungry and aggravated by both pop radio and the sound of Rebekah's voice, Elena pulls into Willoughby, Pennsylvania. Since Willoughby isn't on Damon's list of Katherine's possible nests, Rebekah rags on Elena and, by proxy, Damon.

The temporary BFFs bicker, but Elena doesn't let that keep her from her next meal. She approaches a young woman, whose name we never learn, so I'll just call her Marie Curie. Elena grabs the woman, and lunges for her neck. It's bad enough when your food talks back to you after you've eaten, but Elena's dinner is mouthing off even before the first drop. "Katherine, what are you doing?" Elena is surprised. "You know me?" Marie Curie says, "Of course. I know most people around here prefer you to feed from the neck, but I asked you to drink from my wrist. Remember?" When Marie Curie holds out her arm, telltale fang marks prove she's a regular entree. To Elena, Rebekah says, "Conniving little bitch compelled the whole town." Elena is pleased. "I think we just found Katherine." Title card. When Becky asks questions about Katherine, Marie Curie has no idea who or what she's talking about. When Elena asks, Marie can usually answer. Rebekah breaks it down for us: "She compelled people to forget all about her, unless she was talking to them herself. Clever girl." When Elena asks how long they've known each other, and where she lives and works, Marie Curie says she doesn't know. She does know "Katherine" said they could all be friends with her, provided they kept her secret. Elena's eyes narrow. "What secret?" Marie Curie stammers out an, "I--I don't know." We cut to the...

Highway. Damon and Stefan find Damon's car, abandoned and out of gas. Bicker. Oh, sidebar...

So, I have a bad back, as you all know. Well, this week, I also seem to have carpal tunnel issues. They started when I sitting in a weird (yet back soothing) position on the couch, with my laptop on my lap. My wrists were at a bad angle. My right wrist is a team player. My left wrist is the Princess who slept upon the pea. Meanwhile, my husband is having back spasms so bad, he can barely walk. We have three kids and a dog. It's school conference time (for the kids, not the dog), and so it goes. I mention all of this so that when you read a sentence from me that simply says, "Bicker," it's because I wrote the word bicker in my notes, but the bickering parties are among the usual suspects. You don't need me to tell you what they're bickering about. In fact, you're probably hoping to forget their bickering. So? There.

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