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We open at the hospital, where Ric is having an MRI. Meredith tells Elena she's looking for a medical explanation for his behavior (which is putting it mildly). If it's medical she can treat it. If it's not, well, they'll look for another way to help him. When Elena asks, Mere tells her she first suspected Alaric when she learned about his ring. Her grandmother told her a story about Samantha Gilbert and her secret journal. In what I gather must be service to the book series fans, Meredith says, "We Fells are notorious busybodies." Of course, book-Meredith isn't a Fell, so um yeah. Mere tells Elena she protected Alaric because she's a doctor and she doesn't like to see people hurt by something over which they have no control. Also, he's a hottie, so there's that.

There's a mirror inside the MRI machine, so Alaric watches his own face as he waits out the test. Soon, his reflection stops mirroring his face. It's all very weird. He starts to freak. Over the intercom, Mere asks if everything is all right. Ric says it is, but I kind of get the feeling it's not him answering the question. In the recaplet, I mentioned that I wanted to choke almost every character at one point. It's still true, but I do want to reiterate that Alaric's storyline is great. Last week, it was far too convoluted for my taste. This week, the whole psycho killer plot comes together. It's the best and most watchable part of "Break On Through."

When they learn the tests have come back clear, Alaric tells Elena there's no way he killed M.E. Brian or Bill Forbes and certainly didn't stab himself up with a hunting knife, "...or I did and I've gone insane, just like your ancestor who wore that ring." Elena's going to call Bonnie and see if there's a magical antidote to the ring's effects. Speaking of the ring, Alaric gives it back to Elena. I wish she'd burn it or dissolve it with acid, or something.

Damon arrives to pick up Ric. Elena can't even look at him as she gives him a tongue lashing for letting Stefan feed on an innocent woman. Damon corrects that he made Stefan feed. Elena reminds Damon that Stefan had control when he was drinking small amounts of her blood every day. Damon mocks their past relationship "when it was all rainbows and unicorns." Elena counters that perhaps Damon isn't the best person to be teaching self-control. She's not wrong. Every time our Evil Pixie Monster gets a bee in his bonnet, someone gets hurt.

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