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The Mean Reds
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Darren Richmond was all worried that a silly little thing like a suicide attempt would upset his constituents more than murdering this one girl everybody keeps talking about. Linden broke through one of an infinite number of psychological barriers in order to produce a keycard, then was freed by her ex-fiancé who is also, somehow, her damned psychiatrist. Gwen was once unraped by the Mayor, which non-event was known to her panderer of a father. Joseph Nowack -- one of Janek's multitudes of identical sleazeballs -- broke into the Mayor's waterfront project to bury desecrated bones (!), and Ames the developer chose not to press charges, which somehow means Carlson is finally fighting on the side of the angels.


Linden wakes up in a car to the sound of Mayor Adams's PA van going past, dropping dog whistles -- "Re-elect Mayor Lesley Adams, a name you can trust!" -- but for once she's not living in the car and it's not her car. By the time Holder makes it back with donuts, she is of course gone.

Holder: "Linden, what the hell? Why are you sitting in the rain looking drowned?"
Linden: "I did not feel homeless enough, Former Partner."
Holder: "Hey, eat this donut like a dog ravaging a corpse and then say something crazy."
Linden: "Done."

He sighs, because she hasn't been awake post-loonybin more than ten minutes and she's right back on the whole thing about how Rosie saw the meeting between Ames and Chief Nicole regarding Operation Bonethuggs.

Linden: "I shall require that keycard in this episode, just as in the two episodes previous."
Holder: "Maybe you should take a nap or a shower or just lie down or something."
Linden: "Now you have joined the ranks of the enemy."
Holden: "Don't give me that shit. You know I support you being insane. I have your back, crazy-wise."
Linden: "Then do not question me. A Federal warrant. Now."
Holden: "Cool. What other characters are there on this show?"


Gwen: "We are only down two points!"
HQ: "Yay!"
Gwen: "No yay."
Jamie: "Hoyay."
This Show: "We don't understand YouTube any more than we understand any other kind of technology. Therefore, if two percent of the people who watched that pathetic video ["Candidate Plays Hoops Shows Spirit!!!," TM and sic] come to the polls, we will win the election. Meaning, one supposes, that the total number of views is equal to the total number of voters in the district, and nowhere else in the world, which is patently illogical."

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The Killing




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