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How Grief Protects Itself
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This is how the posters in the forums explained it to me: A major platform for the incumbent Mayor "Lesley" Adams is developing the Seattle waterfront, because of infrastructure, while Richmond opposes this, because of nature. Michael Ames runs his wife's construction company, which would do the work. Other interested parties included Tom Drexler and Chief Nicole, both of whom wants to do their own stuff on the land and thus offered Richmond their support, even though he technically opposes them because they also want to build on the waterfront.

(And for their part, the Adams Campaign played a good game last year of using Gil's corruption to frame Richmond for Rosie's murder, but that's sort of played out now. Not least because the Polish mobsters are being killed off one by one, due to proximity to Stan Larsen, and Adams-Abani doesn't have a lot of catspaws left -- which is why figuring out Darren's suicide attempt by pressuring Jamie's DA friend was such a coup.)

It's all very compromised and enemy-of-my-enemy, because the election is happening right now. Which, if you think about it, is the best news we've heard yet, because it means that (cross 'em and keep 'em crossed!) the third season will completely redirect all of this shit, because the eventual driving force behind 9 out of 10 twists on this show, if you follow it back, is the Mayoral election, which will be over in next week's finale.

So the plan That Night was about sending Janek's mobster Nowack to plant Indian Bones on Ames's development site, sinking it and interrupting the Mayor's major platform issue, just before today's election. That was the subject of the meeting on the 10th Floor, where it's presumed Rosie was killed for seeing/hearing too much. It was attended by Ames (who we'll see wants to sink his own deal so that he can develop the land without being under his wife's thumb) and by a mysterious third person, the owner of the keycard, whom we'll find out about tonight but would seem to be either Gwen or Jamie -- both of whom have reason to ally with any old bastard in order to sink the Mayor's platform, and the means to make it happen.

So thank you, forum posters sadie e a, SlipperyPete and especially Cardie, for clearing up a two-year mystery that I have found even more mysterious than the Killing itself. Mostly because when you start talking about development and land deals and contracts and things of this nature, my brain completely turns off. Just like trying to remember which Baby Boomer Authority Figure Judge is which, or who owns Bass Industries, or whether Rhaghraraear Tragrayeanraean raped Lyanna Stark or how many people the Stark kids are supposed to be marrying at any given time and what their flags look like or which of the identical very old men is the father of that guy who looks like the singer from The National.

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