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Our client Danny Marwat is an Arab-American, second-generation maybe more, who worked as a translator in Afghanistan back in 2007. For some reason he was arrested and tortured the day after the Marja offensive, which is where we get our first objection from Aaron Tveit's character, an AUSA named Zschau, because of the Classified Information Procedures Act. Which is funny, considering the US says the torture never happened anyway, so the lawyer tells him to answer. It's pretty ugly shit. Suddenly, good old Glenn Childs shows up in the courtroom, looking dour as usual, and it turns out that he's an AUSA now too. Did we know that? I guess he landed okay after Peter won his office back.

Diane: "What happened at Camp Whitcomb after you were arrested?"
Danny: "All kinds of horrible shit. America can get kind of weird on you."
Diane: "What were they looking to find out?"
Danny: "If I ever met Satar Yusuf-Khel, a tribal leader with connections to al-Qaeda. A person I have met, but am lying about, under oath, to make this episode longer."

Diane: "Why are you suing now, in 2011?"
Danny: "My government tortured me. They won't even acknowledge that they did this to me. I don't want this to happen to anyone else. This isn't about the money."
Childs: "Good. Then let's all go home."
Judge: "Still a cocksucker, I see."

Team USA: "Since we're blocking L/G from getting access to our secret court proceedings, and thus they can't even prove he was ever at Camp Whitcomb, we would like you to dismiss this case. Basically, we are in charge of everything. Including how creepy we are."
Alicia's Sense of Justice: "That is not justice."


If you were wondering what it says on the giant Doomsday Clock here in TWoP offices as to when Dana Lodge's last day at the SA, I will tell you that tomorrow is her last day. If you were wondering who the hell Dana Lodge is or why we care, you are not alone. The show has tried to Inception you into thinking that we are old friends with Dana Lodge, but in fact we've only just met her. Downside, it makes the show feel less trustworthy, especially considering how many SA ladies we've already dealt with this season, and asked to care about, who then disappeared without explanation. On the upside, Dana Lodge is pretty awesome.

Along with the appearing and disappearing personnel, we also have Peter Florrick's continual onslaught of policy and operations obsessions. Like first he was all, "No plea bargains!" and then he was like, "Cary embodies white privilege!" Now it's about reviewing all long-term investigations that started under Childs, and cutting all the ones that aren't about drugs or homeland security.

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