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Alicia has one of those horrible dreams where Grace is talking.

Grace: "Mom, wake up! I'm in trouble!"
(Scary noises of waking up from a dream.)
Alicia, The Grace Whisperer: "Whew, it was just a dream. Thank God Grace wasn't abducted and brutally murdered. So far."


Alicia has one of those horrible moments where Grace is talking.

Grace: "Mom, why do you keep calling me all the time?"
Alicia: "Just tell Zach to stay off the Turnpike."
Grace & Zach: "They're talking about L/G on the radio, also. Some guy named Donald Pike got a witness killed."
Alicia, hilariously distraught: "Colin Sweeney? Awesome! But also I hope not!"
Grace & Zach: "[Vaguely this has something to do with the firm itself.]"
Alicia: "I am very overprotective today for some foreshadowing reason. Keep me apprised of your whereabouts and leave a trail of Post-Its everywhere you go in case you are brutally murdered over several days."


The constant jump-cutting is really effective and scary. This show is so amazing, like, they're actually succeeding at making you worry that Grace might be murdered and become a ghost that won't let Alicia get her rest.

Clumsy Caitlin, dropping briefs and whatnot: "I am so scared of being a lawyer suddenly!"
Alicia: "Don't worry about it. You're going to do so great. Plus, this is just arbitration with a $35K cap. The opposition will just go through the motions. Pretend it's just college."
Dexter's Sister: (Sits down looking totally intimidating.)
Caitlin, expositing: "Here comes the opposing counsel. She doesn't look too threatening."
Dexter's Sister: "Did you see me twist my shit all around in that exorcism movie? That was not CGI. I am super scary all the time. Except on Dexter, where I am the only interesting thing."

Martha: "Hey, bitches!"
Alicia: "Martha, it's so nice to see you! I hope you don't hold any grudges ever since I dicked you around and hired a firm partner's niece behind your back so that you lost your first job and had to go work for my archenemy, Michael J. Fox."
Caitlin: "Hey, I'm the girl that ruined your life! No hard feelings I hope."
Martha: "Wow, she's got real pretty hair, huh? I am about to twist my shit all around like this is an exorcism."
Alicia: "Let's talk about that for a really long time, okay? I love awkward situations more than anything. Or else I could lecture you on how 'bout you don't hold a grudge."
Martha: "How about you shut your old ass up and go sit next to your blonde ho."
Alicia: "So I guess coffee's out."

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