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The Authority has murdered their ally within the government, and everybody seems to have forgotten that part. Somehow, footage of Steve and Russell eating a fraternity has made it to the public. After the factory bombings, newborn vampires are running around all over the country, attacking werewolf and regular trailer parks everywhere. Pam and Jessica have been remanded to the Authority Compound, which Sam and Luna have also infiltrated in search of little Emma. Lilith has been forcing some kind of intra-Authority competition to see who gets to drink all the Her and become Vamper Jesus. Andy's faerie fling has some big news for him, and Jason is now suffering a head injury after a complicated faerie plot managed to get the Elder killed, and also give Russell access to the Fairy Fugee Dimension.


All the faeries, including an intermittent Sookie, blast King Russell Edgington through a pandimensional doorway is in the shape of the green goblin truck-face from that movie where the trucks were alive and very angry. It makes him giggle, but possibly is microwaving him from the inside out, as he pushes his way through the cheap-looking fairy blastation. I guess we'll never know the real effects, though, because Eric shows up and finally stakes Russell like he's been trying to do for thousands and thousands of years. Steve's long-gone, for the season. And now the King is dead.

Sookie: "Jason! She threw you like a mile through the air!"
Jason: "Momma? Daddy? I guess I have a head injury that's making me hallucinate our dead parents and also think it's my Season Two storyline again."
Sookie: "Oh, good! That should be really interesting and fun."

Nora: "All I know is, I'm going to eat that little blonde girl with the tits."
Eric: "You will not feed on Sookie. She's merely a waitress. Whose fear is why we're here, and is the reason I got to kill Russell -- thanks, by the way -- and whose house I own. She took care of me when I was a baby-man. We fucked in Narnia. It was even gayer than my storyline with Bill this season."
Nora: "That's a lot of kooky information, but I'm gonna eat her though. Eat her face!"
Eric: "Thank God I fucked the interesting back into you."


Lilith: "Bill! Salome! Whoever! Come drink the Me!"
Bill: "I am too busy being officious and shitty and dorkier than I've ever been -- for almost the entire episode -- but stick a pin it that."

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