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Traveling Salesmen

Dude, where's my teaser? Seriously, the bit with Michael trying to be funny with text-to-speech software isn't on the DVD. Off to dig out the tape...

Okay, here we are. Michael calls Jim into his office. Jim dutifully enters and sees that Michael has decorated the back of his computer monitor with Post-It eyes, his chattering teeth, and a fez, in a crude approximation of a human face. "HI JIM," the computer says. Jim plays along and says hello. As Michael types on the keyboard he has hidden in his lap under his desk, the computer says, "I AM HARVEY A COMPUTER JIM SUCKS." Michael laughs like he's sitting next to Triumph or something. Then he calls in Pam. "PAM YOU LOOK VERY HOT TODAY," Harvey says, and then "ME SO HORNY ME LOVE YOU LONG TIM." Michael acts all offended, but Pam just innocently asks, "Who's Long Tim?" She and Jim riff on that for a bit, taking all the fun out of this for Michael. Without dropping the pretense, Michael makes Harvey say, "YOU RUINED A FUNNY JOKE. GET OUT OF MY OFFICE." Jim and Pam cheerfully oblige. "Bye, Harvey," Pam says. And to cheer himself up, Michael makes Harvey say, "BOOBS." Which works splendidly.

Back to the DVD. Angela is interrupted in the middle of watching the front door by Kevin, who reports that according to a voice mail he just picked up, Corporate didn't get their tax forms. He worriedly asks if Angela sent them. "They arrived this morning," Angela dissembles. Apparently these forms are a big deal, as even Kevin recognizes.

Andy tells us that of the five people who transferred to Scranton from Stamford (including Tony, Martin, and Hannah), only he and Karen are left. He compares the situation to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and assures us that he is not falling in any chocolate river. No, a more Veruca-Salty fate awaits Andy. But what does that make Jim? Grandpa Joe?

Dwight arrives at the office. Angela uses a jelly-bean run to Reception as her cover to meet Dwight there, and he whispers to her that she's covered. Angela's too relieved to even bother schlepping the two jelly beans she picked up back to her desk, preferring to leave them on Pam's counter. Poor Pam's jelly beans.

Dwight enters the conference room, where a meeting of the sales staff (Andy, Phyllis, Ryan, Jim, Karen, Stanley, and Dwight) is already in progress. "Pass the tardy sauce," Andy snarks at Dwight for Michael's benefit. Michael announces that they're all teaming up on sales visits today, and since Andy came up with the idea, he gets to pick his partner. Naturally he picks Michael, because what Andy really wants to sell today is Andy. Phyllis picks Karen. Stanley tries to pass, then looks back and forth between Jim and Dwight and sighs, "I'll take the kid." Ryan THs about how flattered he is to be the second choice after "pass." Oh, you'll live. That leaves Dwight and Jim as partners, which pleases neither of them. "Does anyone want to trade?" Dwight asks. "Yeah, I'll trade," Jim agrees, which doesn't help. And then in a TH, Jim shows us a picture from the days when he and Dwight used to go on sales calls all the time. It's also a relic of the time before Dwight started cutting his own hair and looked a lot more like the Trans-Am-driving heavy-metal fan he remains today, and when Jim was apparently known as "The Dorky Beatle."

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