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Previously: Richmond got his ass handed to him at a debate when it came out that he is closely associated with Bennet Ahmed, chief suspect in Rosie Larsen's death. Belko used his shady connections at the high school to learn about Ahmed's possible involvement in the murder, then told Stan at Rosie's funeral -- a completely inappropriate and emotionally charged time if there ever was one. So Stan invited Ahmed to take a ride, but did he take justice into his own hands?

Stan continues driving forward well past Ahmed's exit on the highway. He leads him to a deserted lot and ignores a phone call from Mitch. Meanwhile, Linden pounds on the Ahmeds' door. Amber says Bennet was supposed to call her to pick him up from the wake, but he never did. Back out in the rain, Stan gets out of the car and walks serial-killer-slow around to the passenger's side while Bennet frantically searches for the phone he unwittingly left at the Larsens' home. Stan appears at the passenger's side window with a murderous look in his eyes. Credits.

Stan opens the door, and Bennet desperately mentions his pregnant wife at home, stopping just short of begging for his life. Stan ignores another call from Mitch, who is being questioned by Holder back at the house. Holder wonders about Stan's state of mind while he was interacting with Ahmed. When Mitch and Terry prove inhospitable, Holder tells Mitch he knows about Stan's history with the Polish mafia. Mitch goes from zero to hostile in 0.5 seconds, telling Holder he doesn't know the first thing about Stan before kicking him out of her house. Just then, Tommy comes downstairs and asks if Stan's in trouble. Holder takes advantage of the distraction to move toward Belko. He threatens serious jail time if Belko know where Stan is and something goes down.

Back at the Ahmed abode, Amber is increasingly worried since Bennet's phone keeps going to voicemail. Linden tells her that she might be able to help if Amber sheds some light on Bennet's personal life. Amber says he loves his job and his students, that he's all about changing lives and helping people. She begs, "Please don't let that man hurt my husband."

Elsewhere, Stan tells Bennet that having a daughter is different from having sons, that girls look at you like no other woman in the world and think that you can do no wrong. The loaded piece of advice hangs in the air. Eventually, Bennet decides to play on Stan's emotional side. In addition to saying plainly that he didn't hurt Rosie, he emphasizes that he, too, is going to be a father. Stan walks back to the car and starts it up. He shines the high beams on Bennet and ignores another call from Mitch.

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