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I Shot You To Protect You

Damon can't believe Liz is arresting Alaric based on Dr. Fell's words. Liz clarifies that she's not arresting him; she's detaining him for his own good, because Fell used vampire blood to heal him after he was shot.

Ric: Yo, Fell shot me.

Liz: You came at her with a knife.

Recapper: No he did not. Read that paragraph from "All My Children" that I quoted above. I just went back and watched the scene too, to be extra sure. Alaric wakes up on the couch, wincing from his broken rib. He looks in Meredith's bedroom, then wanders out to the kitchen, takes a couple of aspirin out of a bottle and spots medical records and/or other files for himself, Bill Forbes and M.E. Brian. Ric then finds the knife wrapped in a red towel. He's unwrapping it as Meredith enters the kitchen, already aiming her gun at him. She says, "You weren't supposed to find that." Alaric looks at her. His face says nothing more menacing than, "Um..." She fires the weapon. End scene. Either Fell is lying, or the show did a crappy job blocking, shooting and editing that scene. I'm sorry. Let's get back to the story.

Liz: As I was saying, you came at Meredith with a knife.

Ric: Yeah, with a knife I had found hidden in her things.

Recapper: But you didn't come at her. You didn't. You didn't. You should say that part of the story, Alaric. WTF?!

Damon: Remember how Ric was practically stabbed to death? He's one of the victims.

Liz: Dr. Fell suggested his wounds could have been self-inflicted.

Recapper: I'm not going to search past episodes again, but I remember quite clearly that Dr. Fell told Alaric she couldn't tell bupkis about his wounds, because they were already healed from the ring or blood or whatever.

Ric: I'm being framed!

Liz: Maybe so, but there's no proof of that.

Damon: I'll find some.

Liz: Stay out of this, Damon. You getting involved is only going to make things worse.

Damon's Eyes: Madam, you cut me to the quick!

Damon: Listen, Liz...

Liz: Don't make me put you in that cell with him.

Bromance Fans: Doooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeet.

Meanwhile, Elena and Matt are out for a jog, and the star quarterback cannot keep up with the ex-cheerleader. He finally gets her to take a break when he reveals he talked to Bonnie who is with Abby and Caroline at Abby's house. Abby is going to complete the transition. Elena wonders if there's anything she can do. Matt says Bonnie knows it's not Elena's fault -- she's just upset. Elena says since Damon vamped Abby to save Elena, it most certainly is her fault. Soon thereafter, Elena gets a call from Sheriff Forbes. Elena's eyes widen. "He what?"

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