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I Shot You To Protect You

1912: Damon and Stefan attend a boxing match. There's a redheaded woman, Sage (Cassidy Freeman), in the ring offering $100 to any many who can beat her. No one can, because she's a vampire. Damon catches her eye right away. Stefan tries to sell Damon on the bunny diet, but Damon still has a stick up his ass so he tells Stefan, "You're not the boss of me," (basically) and walks off. Sage approaches Damon, but he tells her he's not interested, so she tucks a hundred dollar bill in his pants and says that's too bad. What?

Back in the present, Rebekah says she knew a Sage once because, of course, the Originals have to be tied to frickin' everything. Becky, of all people, calls Sage trashy. Stefan suggests maybe Sage was the 1912 killer. No one at that time would have suspected a woman would be capable of that.

We cut to the hospital parking lot, where Elena confronts Meredith about this Alaric business. Meredith claims that while Elena lives with him and he takes care of her, there's a lot she doesn't know about him. He was supposedly arrested four times for fighting before he was even 21. While at Duke, Isobel twice filed restraining orders against him even as they were still dating. Meredith says, "Although then she married him, so I guess that says more about her." Elena tells Meredith is making it all up.

Meredith: Am I? How would you know? You took pity on a borderline alcoholic vampire hunter and you never even thought to look any deeper.

Recapper: You misspelled functional.

Elena: How could you do this to him? He didn't kill anyone and you know it.

Meredith: You date vampires, Elena. It shouldn't come as a shock that your guardian is a murderer.

Recapper: I'm sticking a pin in this moment. Because from the beginning of the episode until now, everything Meredith says -- and everything Liz reports that Meredith has said to her -- all shows a Meredith who is trying to get Alaric arrested and charged with the murders. Everything. Yes? Agreed? Okay moving on, for now. Commercial.

Grill. Becky's still trying to talk tree. Thank goodness Damon tells her she's not invited to boys' night and walks off.

Meanwhile, Matt and Elena break into Meredith's place. Elena goes to Mere's closet, because Mere is a Fell -- one of the founding families so of course she has a secret compartment in her closet. Matt pulls out a box that contains files on M.E. Brian, Bill Forbes and a huge file on Alaric.

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