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I Shot You To Protect You

Over at Gilbert Gables, Elena and Matt have tea, sympathy and a lovely heart to heart, during which she confesses that part of her love for Stefan is predicated on the fact that he wasn't going to up and die on her, like her parents did. As for her feelings about Damon -- well he snuck in there somehow and got under her skin and she just can't shake him. Matt all but flat-out admits he still can't shake his feelings for Elena either. Kids, elope and never ever return to this evil, evil town. Seriously. Go have pretty babies. Klaus will keep you and yours safe. Run. Run away! They don't listen. Instead, Matt gives Elena the Samantha Gilbert journal. He pocketed it while Meredith and the deputy were questioning Elena. Matt says, "Sometimes it pays to be the only normal one in a town of vampires -- practically invisible." There's an edge to his voice and for but a moment, my friend Erin's delusions that Matt is the serial killer -- flood my brain. I take a good, long look at his Pudding Pop face and shake off the nasty insinuations. Alaric arrives home. Elena gives him a big hug. The camera focuses on his pressing his hand to the small of her back, but I think it's just so we get a shot of the protect-o ring.

Audience: There's far too much chemistry there. We're just sayin'...

At Mossy Manse, Stefan is warming himself before the fire when Damon returns home and reports that Sheriff Forbes let Ric go. Stefan doesn't answer, so Damon continues and tells Stefan that he did really well controlling himself tonight and assures him Elena will understand. Stefan says it doesn't matter what Elena thinks. Damon tells him he won't have any more of that no-humanity Stefan. Stefan asks why Damon even cares and wonders if he feels guilty over kissing Elena. He tells Damon to knock it off and go back to hating him. He doesn't need Damon's help.

Damon: Are you kidding me? Do you remember what happened the last time you said that?

Stefan: What are you talking about?

Damon: Here, let me show you in this lovely flashback.

Mystic Falls, 1912. Damon encourages Stefan to pick a victim. Stefan hesitates, but Damon talks about Sage teaching him how to play with his food. When he realizes Stefan is eying Mariana Lockwood, Damon whispers, "She's the one." He finally talks Stefan into it. Out in the cemetery, Stefan takes a good, long drink. Damon grabs his arm and tells him not to be greedy. Stefan pushes Damon off and sinks his fangs back into Mariana's neck. And then oops! Her head pops right the heck off. Damon can't believe his eyes. Stefan recoils at first, and then he falls to his knees and tries to put Mariana's head back on. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." He screams at Damon for doing this to him. Damon counters that Stef just needs to learn how to stop. Stefan growls that he doesn't need Damon's help and runs off into the woods.

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