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C.J.'s office. She's packing for her flight to California. Toby enters with Jed's convention speech. He wrote something generic enough to cover every possible nominee. C.J. tells him to start writing a couple of speeches for Friday. He asks if she's talking about the space station. She tells him that NASA can't get a shuttle up in time for a rescue. He asks about the military shuttle, but someone who isn't Margaret knocks on the door to tell C.J. that the FBI is ready to meet with her. She throws on a jacket, and Toby asks if she's going to bring a lawyer in with her. She tells him that she doesn't need one. As she's leaving, he asks why she needs a couple of speeches. She tells him, "One if the President decides to save them. One if he doesn't." Every time someone mentions the space station or the leak, either Toby or C.J. gives a portentous look, or we get an ominous camera shot of one of the two of them. All that's missing is the quavering organ chord. So we're clearly supposed to think that one of these two was the leaker. Since I think John Wells is exactly this big a hack, I will eat my hat if someone other than one of them is responsible. I would say which one I think is responsible, but I'm guessing that John Wells hasn't even decided yet, and I would hate to give him ideas.

Santos war room. Bram, wearing a new shirt, stands over a fax machine. Lucky fax machine. Josh enters the room in a daze. He tells Ronna and Ned that Gambelli is not going to budge. They tell him that it's all over the news that Michigan and Indiana switched to Bundy. Ronna wonders if the whole thing might not be over. Bram walks over to Josh with an improbably small piece of paper from the fax machine and tells him that he needs to take a look at it.

Josh is admitted to the Santos suite by a Secret Service agent. Santos is just getting off the phone. He immediately asks Josh if it's true that Josh told Ned to offer federal jobs to New Jersey delegates. Josh doesn't respond. Instead, he asks if Santos has heard the rumors about Bundy's wife. Which ones? That she can't cook, or that she's the source of all misery in his life? Santos is stuck on the federal jobs thing, wondering if Josh has any idea if any of the delegates are even qualified. Josh points out that they didn't break any laws, but Santos thinks that's not good enough. Josh wonders if Santos really thinks that the "young turks" working on the campaign are doing it with no hope that it will get them a job in the White House. And if Santos wins, there had better be a job for Bram. Poolboy would do nicely, I think. Santos asks about Bundy's wife. Josh asks again if he's heard the rumors. Santos has heard rumors about depression, but he thinks they are the kind of thing every successful politician faces. But Josh tells him that it's no longer a rumor -- someone has faxed hospital admission records to the campaign. Josh tells Santos that he doesn't think depression is anything to be ashamed of, but that we have to be concerned about presidents because "they're susceptible to blackmail." Yes, his wife's shameful history of depression would be enough to cause Bundy to turn over nuclear secrets to Iran. Whatever. Santos agrees with me -- he asks Josh if he's "afraid that [Mrs. Bundy]'s gonna sell [state secrets] for some Zoloft at the corner of Sixteenth and D?" Which isn't so much a corner as it is The Ellipse. Which isn't to say that she couldn't score some Zoloft there. Josh thinks it's going to come out in any case, and it would be better for it to happen before Bundy becomes the nominee. Santos tells him that he won't do it. Josh tells him that his other choice is to flip-flop on teacher tenure. Santos doesn't respond, and Josh walks out of the room.

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