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C.J. and company enter the Office of O. Jed immediately starts screaming about the leak and how it will play into the hands of the Republicans. He's screaming so loud that he's scared the cameraman -- the poor guy's shaking like a leaf. Wow, Kate must have gone to the salon with C.J. -- she's softened the color up a bit, and it's all kind of wavy and bouncy. Jed moves on from domestic to international politics, talking about how many angry phone calls he's gotten from other governments complaining that the U.S. is "weaponizing space." Kate thinks they should just keep denying the truth of the story. Debbie sticks her head in to let Jed know that Senator Weller is there. Jed is certain that he's going to demand the appointment of a special prosecutor. He starts going off on Brock, and C.J. thinks that if they punish him by pulling his White House press pass, it will just make it look as if he stopped being a gay prostitute. Or, I mean, that the White House is being vindictive. Jed reminds her that leaking the information was a crime, and that the Republicans will just love the idea of putting a high-ranking Democrat in prison during the campaign season. Jed tells them that he wants to find the leaker before anyone else does, and he assigns Kate and Toby to take care of it. He tells them that he wants a name on his desk by Friday.

Santos war room. They're strategizing over how to pick up Hoynes delegates on the second ballot while holding on to their own. Josh assigns someone the job of making sure there's a floor whip with each delegation. Which is perhaps something he might have thought about, I don't know, before the convention started? Just a thought. Josh asks Bram for an update on something or other. I really don't care what it was -- it's just an excuse to look at pretty, pretty Bram. Oh, all right -- he's asking about efforts to turn the Georgia delegation away from Hoynes and towards Santos. Apparently, Hoynes is still telling his delegates that if they will stick with him while the convention deadlocks, the party will eventually turn to him as the most seasoned candidate. Josh wants "a pipe of whatever it is [Hoynes] is smoking." Ronna points out that they're getting requests for comment on the shuttle leak, and Josh tells them to say nothing. And then Ned asks the big question: "If Russell announces [Bundy] as his V.P., how do we prevent a stampede to Russell on the second ballot?" Has Josh gotten any smarter since the last episode? Not much -- his answer is that they will respond by getting Hoynes to throw his support to Santos. He thinks that Hoynes will hate the idea of Russell's winning more than he'll hate the idea of Santos's getting the nomination. Bram sums up the strategy as "Santos, you hate him less." Josh tells them that "it ain't over 'til it's over." But he leaves the fat lady out of it.

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