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Russell suite. Will is on the phone, and Donna is asking where "they" are. Bingo Bob comes out and asks if Bundy's arrived yet. Donna tells him that Will is on the phone with Bundy's chief of staff. Will hangs up and tells Bob that Bundy wants to meet with him. According to his COS, "Governor [Bundy]'s been thinking." Russell spits out, "'Thinking'?!" Yeah, Bob, it's something that some folks like to do from time to time. You might look into it. Russell goes on, "The damn balloting starts in two hours." Poor Will -- he looks at Russell with just the hint of disdain and tells him, "I suspect he knows that, sir." Donna tells Russell that he has forty minutes until he has to leave for his speech. Bob calls Bundy "Hamlet" and tells Will and Donna to bring him in for a meeting.

Santos is sitting on his bed, staring off into space with a slightly frightened look on his face. A news voice is analyzing Bundy's potential appeal as a Veep candidate. They are careful to point out that he appeals to blue-collar voters. Well, duh. He's Al Bundy. Of course he appeals to blue-collar voters. Helen is in the background, finishing getting dressed. Josh enters to ask Santos for his speech (presumably to give to Annabeth). He also tells Santos that he thinks he should take another look at the V.P. list. Helen asks if there's any news on Bundy. Josh tells her that he flew in that afternoon. Helen saw it on CNN -- she makes the unfortunate decision to describe it as looking like "a papal visit." Josh pauses, and then tells them that he went to see Hoynes. Santos asks if Josh offered him anything, and Josh tells him that he did not. He just asked him to throw his support behind Santos. Hoynes didn't say yes and he didn't say no -- apparently, he wants to think about it. Josh, honey? That's a no. Bram enters to tell Santos that it's time to leave for the convention center. The news that Hoynes is thinking about it seems to have cheered Santos up. Josh just stands there, frozen, as everyone else walks out. Santos sticks his head back in the room to see if Josh is coming to the speech. Commercials.

Aerial shot of the convention center, looking very shiny. A fucking subtitle tells us that we're at the Democratic National Convention and that it's 8:47 PM on Day One. It's a good thing they told us -- we might have thought we had switched over to the Green Party convention. Of course, we might have realized our error when there were more than ten people in the room. On the floor of the convention, California is giving 440 votes to Santos. And none to anybody else. Because apparently all primaries in The West Wing universe are winner-take-all. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again -- John Wells is a hack. Ned is also on the floor. Of the convention, I mean. He's calling Josh to talk about whether California will stick with Santos. Josh tells him to promise that fighter planes will be built in Long Beach if Santos is elected. Ronna gives him a look -- she clearly knows Santos better than he does. Ned also can't believe that Josh is telling him to trade a defense contract for votes. Josh asks Ronna if Hoynes has called. He hasn't, of course. "I'll think about it" almost always means no. Believe me, I know this from experience. On a monitor, Colorado casts its votes for Russell, and Josh screams out, "Get me Connecticut!"

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