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West Wing. You know, that place we sometimes visit. Toby steps out of his office to pick up something off of someone's desk. Everyone is watching the convention. Kate walks up to him. As they enter his office, she asks if he saw Russell's speech. She thought it was pretty good. Toby: "Russell has a few teeth left in his head." Huh? Kate tells Toby that some FBI agents will be arriving in the morning to assist them in the witch hunt. Er, I mean, the investigation into the leak. Toby's surprised to hear that the FBI is getting involved, but Kate points out that there are over one hundred people who had access to the information. She gives him a list of names of White House staffers who had clearance to have it, and tells him that they're going to need phone, fax, email records, and other sundry records. She points out that the leak was a felony: "Someone's gonna end up spending ten years in a federal prison." As she gets up to leave, Kate tells Toby, "Russell, [Bundy]. It's not a bad ticket." I'll tell you what, Kate. We'll leave the bad hair and espionage to you, and you leave the politics to us.

Russell suite. Donna's filling up a plate with canapés as Will watches more votes going to Russell on television. We're up to Massachusetts, and he thinks there may be another thirty minutes until they finish. Donna looks at the door to Russell's bedroom and asks, "What are they doing in there?" Will tells her, "I have no idea. But I sure as hell hope they do it fast." Oh, honey. It's Al Bundy. Of course it's going to be fast.

In the Russell bedroom, Bob and Bundy are sitting in armchairs. Russell points out that he thought everything was worked out, but Bundy tells him that he's "had a number of variables to weigh," and that he's been getting a lot of phone calls: "Suddenly, everyone has an opinion." Bob asks him, "You want to hear my opinion?" Bundy pauses exactly long enough to indicate that he really doesn't before he says, "Of course." Russell thinks that he and Bundy will be able to give Vinick and Sullivan some real competition, but Bundy points out that the polls show Vinick winning easily. Bob thinks the Republican lead will evaporate once their post-convention bounce fades. He suggests that the two of them make the announcement. Bundy tells him, "That's a very attractive offer, Mr. Vice-President. It's very attractive. Why don't we both sleep on it, see where we are in the morning?" Poor Bob. He keeps having these meetings and he keeps getting dumped at them.

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