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Russell and Bundy emerge from the bedroom. Bundy walks right out of the suite, and Will asks what happened. Bob tells him that Bundy wants to sleep on it, and Will is dismayed, pointing out that they'll be on the third or fourth ballot by the morning. Bob shows more brains that I've given him credit for, noting that he's pretty sure Bundy is going to try to get nominated from the floor.

Leo walks into -- a bar? Or something? Anyway, it's at the convention center. He's being followed by a couple of network types who are complaining that it's almost 10:00 on the east coast and that they're going to switch to regular coverage. Apparently, watching the voting is too boring for them. Leo yells at them about their debt to the public. I think the F.C.C. might fine the show for daring to suggest that broadcasters have a responsibility to the public good and not just to the puritans from Focus on the Family. Annabeth walks up and whispers into Leo's ear that hundreds of Bundy placards are being handed out on the floor. Leo asks the network folks if they think they can stay live long enough to see Russell announce that Bundy is his Veep choice. Annabeth cuts him off, telling him that these are "Draft [Bundy]" placards -- Bundy's going to be placed on the second ballot. The network types freak out and run off to break the news. Leo yells after one of them, "You want to cut to Law & Order now, Susan, be my guest." I wonder if John Wells and Dick Wolf spend a lot of time trash-talking each other?

Santos war room. Everyone is screaming and shouting on the phone. Josh is trying to get a call through to the Pennsylvania delegation. Santos and Helen walk in. They want to know what's going on. We hear someone break the shocking news that Bundy is trying to get the nomination. Did John Wells decide that this is the time in the show when the audience nods off and needs to have things repeated over and over again? Someone's working on a whiteboard, keeping track of who has which delegates. Josh screams out, "Where in the name of all that is holy is Pennsylvania?" The cheaper part of me wants to make a geography joke here. But my audience is too good for that, so I won't. Josh runs out of the room, telling everyone that he's "going to find the Pennsylvania chair and nail him to a Santos sign." I'm not sure that's a great strategy to win votes.

On the floor of the convention, Bundy is speaking to some reporters. A bunch of Bingo Bob supporters have converged behind him with their Russell signs, while one poor soul is waving around a "Draft [Bundy]" sign. Bundy is denying any desire to become the savior of the Democratic Party.

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