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Leo has the candidates and their top aides around a table. It's now past 3:00 AM on the east coast, and the second ballot is just as deadlocked as the first. The plan is to recess and resume the balloting the next night in prime time. Bundy wants to make sure they'll have a chance to address the convention, since some of them didn't get that chance the first night. Jed is flying out the next day, with plans to address the convention on Wednesday, once there's a nominee. Leo begs them to start talking to each other to figure out who that nominee is going to be. He doesn't offer them a carrot -- just a stick, in the form of a threat that Jed will pick sides if they can't get it worked out amongst themselves. As the meeting breaks up, we hear the chair of the convention reading off the vote totals. Santos, Bundy, and Russell each have in the thirteen to fourteen hundred range. And Hoynes has one-hundred-two. Hoynes is left sitting alone at the table, small and broken. Josh, leaning against the door frame, looks at him with either disdain or pity. Commercials.

Morning in the West Wing. Kate and Toby are waiting near the entrance when four FBI agents walk through the doors. Kate tells Toby, "They always come in twos." Kind of like the Sacred Band of Thebes. The reason they always work in pairs is that lying to an agent of the FBI is itself a crime, and this way there are always two witnesses to any lie being told. Kate introduces Toby to the lead agent, and they all walk off together.

In the Oval, Hutchinson is telling Jed that NASA is working as fast as they can to prepare the civilian shuttle, but it will still be over two weeks before they could launch. C.J. enters to join them and to tell them that Kate will be there soon. Hutchinson says that "Air Force Space Command" can launch from Vandenberg (in California) the next night. The military vehicle would go to the station and make the necessary repairs themselves, leaving the spacemen in place until NASA can get a shuttle launched to bring them home. C.J. wonders what they would tell the press. Hutchinson thinks they can just tell people that the spacemen were able to make the repairs themselves. C.J. joins me in wondering what happens to the cosmonaut in this scenario. Hutchinson doesn't respond, and then Debbie enters to tell Jed that Marine One is waiting for him. After she leaves, Jed asks Hutchinson when he has to give approval. Hutchinson tells him that if they don't launch the next night, they won't be able to arrive in time. Which lends credence to the theory that a couple of weeks have passed since the Republican convention, and that the scene in which Annabeth told Toby about the leak took place some time after all the other events of last week's episode. You know, if you have two weeks pass between scenes in an episode and don't give the audience any other clue as to the passage of time, that might actually be the intelligent time to use a subtitle.

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