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Emotion To Suppress

Just kidding, it's ten times worse than that, because she's like, trying to indicate to him to back off with her tone -- "Really, it's not necessary" -- and he's being so nakedly and unreservedly sweet and sort of needy about it and finally she just flees, but not before being like, "Honestly, thank you very much and it means a lot to me that you want that, but no. I kind of need to be in charge here."

...Which is why he's all alone when Caitlin -- who has been lurking about waiting for him to walk by -- jumps out from a darkened doorway to flirt with him, and "apologize" for apparently "bothering" him, according to Mrs. Florrick, who told her not to talk to him or look him in the eye and to only come to her with questions. Which would have him well chuffed, I think, if she'd tried that shit ten minutes ago, but now just makes everything seem darker still.


Matan hauls up the bucket they use to get tiny little Cary up and down the mineshaft at the mucky bottom of which his latest office is, and Cary assumes they're just going to put him in front of a firing squad, so he trudges along after him, but then -- and again, we really just don't know much about the SA this year at all, everything seems so random and fraught -- it turns out he's just randomly been made Deputy State's Attorney.

Which, I don't know about you, but between the Eli and Vanessa stuff and then this latest little twist with Will and Caitlin, it kind of makes me feel like Peter's gonna make a move.

Next week: I don't know. I'm so sick, you guys. I assume next week's recap will make more sense, unless I develop some sort of dependency on Robitussin and then who knows what will happen.

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