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Emotion To Suppress

Caitlin: "Please, Mr. Agos, can you walk me through how to do basic things? I am just a first-year associate who wants to learn."
Cary: "Watch me yell at these diplomats. I'm really just stalling for time."
(Posturing. The boys are brought in for investigation.)
Dutch: "I just said you can't do that!"
Cary: "There is no limit to how much posturing I am willing to do."
Caitlin: (Continues to take notes.)


Alicia: "Caitlin, what have you done now? Did you kill young Maya Nichols on this Booze Cruise?"
Caitlin: "No. I was just watching Cary Agos ignore the international rights of these young people, including our client, without really doing anything about it."
Alicia: "Chen, are you okay with me watching your suspect rape exam?"
Chen: "Officially, yes. Please do come in. I have zero personality and this case barely matters anyway."
Alicia: "Okay, but just stop talking, all right?"
Chen: "No way! Miranda rights are so last year."

CLUE: A two-inch blonde hair stuck in the dead girl's earring.

Judge Winter: "Too bad how they killed that girl, but you know how diplomatic immunity works, right?"
Cary: "For the purposes of this episode, I guess not."
Twist: Chen is Taiwanese, and China is an asshole.
Alicia & Cary: "The One China rule is I guess a thicket or gray area with regard to this particular kind of rape-murder deal."
Judge Winter: "International politics are like that sometimes."


More Facts: There is no semen, there are no pubes, there is no blood spatter, but it seems like somebody was about to rape her before they killed her instead. They both flirted with Maya Nichols, these two youths, but then according to Chen they all made out, or both made out with her I guess, in a consensual way, and then when Chen went to go buy Maya a drink, Anders took her below deck. So maybe the credit card receipt will put Chen at the other end of the boat, and that will mean that nobody killed her.

Eli Gold gets a random round of applause just for being him, over at L/G, while the various people at the State's Attorney's office bitch at each other. Eli is mystified by their applause, but Diane gets him alone and says that that was really just a transparent way of stroking his ego so that he will go to his friends at the State Department and see about getting Chen diplomatic protection. He is very scared of what he will have to do, but willing to create future lobbying ties with Taiwan, because he is always working.

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