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Emotion To Suppress

Outside, Will thinks about killing himself for acting so dorky, and it's great.


Matan: "You should know something about your friend Cary. He has a thing for ethnic women. It's pretty obvious. Every black or Hispanic woman through here."
Dana: "Wow, I guess that makes him an asshole and you just a regular guy."


Sample Dialogue: "The IT guy put on proprietary software, so he could charge your firm for every megabyte he stored. That's why it rejected the transferring of your files. It's really corrupt. You don't need to be paying to store files. In fact, it slows the system down."

Et Cetera.

Alicia: "You are a genius!"
Zach: "Thanks. Oh, your boss was in here. Will?"
Alicia: (TILT.)
Zach: "...All right, I better go. Love you."
Alicia: "Whew, that was a close one. Good thing he suspects nothing!"
Zach: "...Oh, and Mom? I'd like a car."


Sample Dialogue: "It's like Moneyball. Politics doesn't have to be for the rich. It's the true democratization of power in this country. You have citizen engagement on one hand. Megatrend, right? I mean, everybody's talking about it. Mark Penn, so on, and I'm not even talking about RTR. (laughs) I mean, talk about real Moneyball. They hit Vanessa and BAM! We hit back. BAM! We hit back! Micro-pockets of committed citizen online journalist bloggers, each talking from a subset of their own communities. Let's say we have upstate agricultural sections, right? We also have the urban cities, right? BAM!"

Eli and Vanessa have a right old laugh about poor Kim Kesler from California, the human social-networking Twitter feed, and then Vanessa is like, "Surprise, this was all an elaborate trick. I want to make you Baseball Commissioner."

Eli: "But how did this happen? Did you rape and murder that girl so that Diane would come to me about Taiwan and I would find you jogging and now your plan is complete and I will vet you for the senatorship?"
Vanessa: "Look, just vet me. Send Kalinda to find out something horrible about me, and then we will fight about semen for a million years, it will be so gross and hilarious."
Eli: "Done."

Oh, and now the State Department is pushing for Chen's release because they don't want to hurt Taiwan's feelings or make them feel like their diplomats are less worthy of raping people consequence-free. Remember, the case that this episode is supposedly about? Well, that's what is going on with that case.

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