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Emotion To Suppress


Matan opens up a door in the wall of the broom closet that comes up to your shin, and forces Cary to crawl through it into an even smaller broom closet. His new office.


Dana's Uncle Dan works for the State Department, so she takes Cary to a speech site to discuss with him her single status, Dan's admiration for Peter, and the One China Rule. Outside, she asks him if he's into ethnic chicks, and he's like, "I never really thought about it before, that's so interesting" because of white privilege, and then they do it.

Will we ever see her again? You tell me. This show has not been great this season about tying up these kind of loose ends. I think maybe they're going for a realistic sort of slice of life thing, but it's hard to invest in a serial narrative when you're getting new people every time.


Eli Gold: "I want you to vet my ex-wife."
Kalinda: "That sounds like a terrible idea. I am in."


Team L/G: "Chen, we have the backing of the US State Department."
Team Cary: "Everybody, we also have the backing of the US State Department."
US State Department: "Actually Dana's uncle is more powerful than Eli's ex-wife. Taiwan's feelings be damned because we're more worried that China will be angry if we are nice to them, and I don't know if you know this but China is scary as shit."


There was no Chen hair on the body of young Maya Nichols, but they did find that one male hair that seems like it would belong to Dick Anders, the Dutch kid. So now the question is, can we somehow get ahold of his hairs? Chen knows the combo to his gym locker at school, so that's helpful, because it's where he keeps his hairs.

Kalinda: "Look deep into my eyes and let me into the men's locker room."
Dude: "Youuuu gotttt ittt."


Kalinda: "In an even more absurd turn of events, the other seasickness band was in Dick Anders's locker, like some grisly Booze Cruise murder trophy."
Cary: "That doesn't make as much sense as things usually do on this show. Also, how did you find that?"
Kalinda: "I am magic. I left it there, you can check for yourself."

Meanwhile, Matan opens a trapdoor in the floor of the broom-closet-closet, revealing a pile of bones and damp ruled over by the King of Rats In Exile and his lunatic fringe of supporters: Cary's third new office this episode.

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