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Emotion To Suppress

This whole episode is like the Encyclopedia Brown version of this show, where it all hinges on some not-that-obscure factoid and nobody really cares anyway.

Speaking of, did you know that diplomatic immunity only extends to their adult children if they are full-time students? I didn't know that, and apparently nobody else did either, but Cary did some digging and realized that Dick Anders dropped his Anthropology class and thus isn't taking a full-load, meaning he's back in trouble for the murder, and Cary figures he's the one that signed for the drink under his friend's tab, meaning that Chen really was in two places at the same time, just with his names in a different order.


Kalinda: "I would like to tell you the bare minimum."
Eli: "Okay, should she run or not?"
Kalinda: "Absolutely not. And I guess that's the bare minimum, so goodbye."
Eli: "Wait, come on. What else? She raised money for Blagojevich? Old news. She's dated around? But not like to a slut level."
Kalinda: "I don't like that you said that, but no."
Eli: "Then what's the problem?"
Kalinda: "Okay, you forced it out of me. She was fucking Osama Bin Laden's second cousin while you were married."
Eli: "This show is full-on ludicrous sometimes."


So now with the mojito receipt, and Anders back on the hook, and Taiwan sacrificed once again on the altar of China's almighty dollar, we're looking at a quick plea to twenty years. Alicia stalls Cary but not that hard, because they are hanging out around Chen's house. Alicia and Caitlin witness Chen fleeing like a bat out of hell, and before Caitlin can get him on the phone, Cary calls back to yell at her about Chen breaking house arrest.

Alicia stalls Cary and does some driving moves and follows Chen, exhilarating Caitlin, and Cary keeps yelling at her about her legal obligations to report him fleeing the jurisdiction, and she does the professional defense attorney thing, measuring her words out with teaspoons, until -- perhaps spurred by the presence of Caitlin, as a naïve first-year associate -- she suddenly and very carefully pulls over to the side of the road, having changed her mind.

Alicia: "I couldn't reach him. I have not spoken to my client. All I can say for certain is that I witnessed an Audi, with a driver resembling my client, headed westbound on 90."
Cary, jumping up: "He's going to O'Hare!"
Alicia: "Again, I do not know that for certain."

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