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(Attempted) Coupling

Ryan and Erin are off at a table alone when, after Erin's awkward attempt to order a waffle from the server, she breaks the news that she's planning to move down there. Ryan decides to step up and get her a waffle. And then he THs that he figures Erin wouldn't tell him her plans if she didn't want him to make a pass. Well, at least Ryan doesn't mind lying to himself any more than to other people.

The Scranton conference room is full of people working. Kelly is literally so bored that she literally screams.

Nellie excuses herself, and Dwight takes this opportunity to tell Packer that he, Dwight, is getting the VP position. But Packer insists Nellie will give it to him, "as I'm giving it to her tonight." Then they engage in a horse-noise duel. I don't know.

Andy brings in a tray of Jamaican takeout, courtesy of Val and delivered by Brandon, Val's boyfriend. Everyone says hi, including Darryl. Brandon pleasantly asks him how he's doing. "Must be doing real good since you're fucking my girlfriend." This looks like it's about to blow up, but it's Andy to the rescue, as he tries to return to the subject of the food. Brandon: "Hope you all like goat." Oddly, the change of subject doesn't make things any less awkward.

Nellie has Packer blow in her ear to make her feel like she's on the beach. I've heard British beaches can be pretty foul, but I had no idea. Dwight joins in with seagull sounds, and then he and Packer are now doing another noise duel, with wave crashes this time. This is so stupid that Jim picks the moment to take his leave. Kathy looks crestfallen. I am too, but only because I have to stick around.

Later, Jim's alone in his room (as Stanley squires a young blonde past his patio door) when Kathy knocks on his door in shorts and a wife-beater (and, for some reason, boots) claiming her TV is on the blink and asking if she can hang out in his room. After a pause, Jim stupidly says yes and she plunks herself down on his bed to join him in watching basketball, which she clearly knows nothing about. Jim perches on the end of the bed, but then thinks better of it and slides to the floor. What a shame Sabre couldn't spring for hotel rooms with chairs. And what a shame Jim couldn't spring for a pair of balls. When Kathy hops up to go to the minibar, he suddenly finds the ceiling very fascinating as she bends waaaay over. Don't worry, Jim -- you can watch the footage later.

In the hotel bar, Packer ties a knot in a cherry stem with his tongue. Dwight decides to outdo him by untying it. Nellie must be the horniest woman on earth.

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