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(Attempted) Coupling

Down in the bar, Gabe awkwardly sprays something in Packer's beer while he's not looking. Aerosolized seahorse, probably.

Dwight announces to Jim that there are no bedbugs, as he wasn't bitten even while farting continuously under Jim's blankets. Dwight's off to go back to trying to screw Nellie before Packer does and when Jim asks if that's really how Dwight wants to get the job, Dwight calls him a "chorus girl." As if to underline the point, Kathy comes out of the bathroom with wet hair and Jim's hotel-room bathrobe, asking Jim, "Is crazy gone?" The expression on Jim's face says, "Yes and no."

Dwight returns to the bar to find Packer and Nellie drunkenly lurching around the dance floor, until Packer pukes in Gabe's lap. "They don't make these cords in boot-cut any more!" Gabe bitches as he storms off. Dwight makes his move, telling Nellie, "A real man swallows his vomit when a lady is present." Then he sits down and is all, "Hey." Because that would totally work.

Kathy's on Jim's room phone ordering dessert, then she clambers over the bed and sticks her bare legs in his face. I know this wouldn't happen anyway, but hello, there are at least two cameras in the room filming all this. You'd think Kathy would be more discreet, but I guess anyone who'd be willing to lounge on a bed full of Dwight-farts must be pretty fucking determined. Jim scrambles to his feet and reminds her that he's happily married. Kathy acts all offended at the suggestion that this is anything but the two of them hanging out, and Jim not only buys it, but apologizes. It's like that bit in The Graduate where Dustin Hoffman is so embarrassed after accusing Anne Bancroft of trying to seduce him. Of course, we know how that turned out. And if Kathy were really offended, would she still be here? Sure enough, as soon as Jim decides it's safe to sit on the bed after all, she snuggles right up next to him.

Pam and Andy find Darryl alone in his office. Andy advises Darryl to play it cool with Val, but Pam advises him to make a move, like Jim did. With her, not with Kathy.

Ryan and Erin are still hiding under the counter with chefs working around them, somehow not hearing them as they whisper to each other, or noticing the cameras filming them. Erin suggests Ryan move down to Florida with her. She even hints that maybe they could hook up, in six months or so. Stunned by this timeline, Ryan coldly tells Erin he's in love with Kelly. His swath of destruction just keeps getting wider.

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