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Housekeeping Item #1: As everyone on the entire Internet has pointed out, I made a stupid mistake in the recaplet. Rebekah didn't just order her captives not to run in the hallways -- she ordered them not to "vamp run." Now honestly, I heard her say "vamp run." The meaning of the words just didn't sink in. I thought it was an awkwardly cutesy way of telling the vampires present that they couldn't run, while still allowing Tyler to do so. I was already picking on the show (mistakenly it seems, and I'm so sorry about that, Writers) for what I thought was shoddy compulsion scripting, so I decided not to pick on what I thought was awkward phrasing. It never dawned on me (and I watched the episode twice before I wrote the recaplet) that she meant no high-speed running (i.e. Stealth Salvatoring). Thank you for all the heads up. I'm sorry for the stupid error. I can't even blame it on carelessness, just density. And to the one person who wrote to say she was disappointed, may I add this: be glad you don't have to deal with me in person, where I am far more disappointing on a regular basis. Speaking of how disappointing I can be, let's move on to...

Housekeeping Item #2: I could have sworn this is the first time that Bonnie has heard the name of her new dark art and said so in the recaplet. But other fans disagreed with me and pointed me to the Girls' Night scenes in "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street." I went looking. Lo and behold, the fans are right. I am sorry for yet another stupid error. Before the hiatus, I was frustrated that Damon and Stefan know how dark Expression is, while Bonnie, Elena and Caroline do not. I misremembered my frustration and started thinking Bonnie didn't know what it's called. She does. She just doesn't know what it is. Thanks, readers!

Housekeeping Item #3: Deadline is reporting that the April 25 episode of The Vampire Diaries will be a backdoor pilot for an Originals series, involving (at least) Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin. Yes, I'm the last person to know, but I avoid a lot of media for the shows I cover because spoilers slip in here and there and I'm always afraid I'll spoil something in a recap, so I read selectively. Anyhow, I am thrilled with this news for three reasons: I love the Originals, I think the Originals have overwhelmed The Vampire Diaries to the point where their presence is hurting the show and I'm also pretty sure I'm due some royalties for floating this idea forever ago. Come on, Alloy Entertainment, mama needs a new pair of shoes... or just the opportunity to pay off her credit card. Okay, now let's get on with the show.

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