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Lake Town. Zanadew Lounge exterior. Zanadew. Oh my word. Inside the bar lie various bodies. Their necks are covered in blood. When Damon, Matt and Jeremy enter, they find Klaus sitting at the bar. "I was beginning to worry you boys wouldn't find the place. Matt seems to be the only one of the training trio who finds this disturbing. "What the hell? Did you kill all these people?" Klaus smiles. "Not exactly. They're in transition." He looks at Jeremy. "Killing them is your job." Jeremy turns to Damon and says, "You said you were going to convince Klaus to do this another way." Damon says, "Well, I thought about it. And then I realized his idea was better." While Klaus smiles, Jeremy recognizes Damon for the monster he already knew him to be. As Klaus raises his glass and takes a drink, Jeremy looks around. The transitioning vampires are starting to stir. Title card.

Well, Damon just lost Elena, but I'm a little glad he did thanks to that "Come to me" business. In our episode thread, one of the members posted a well thought out explanation for why she likes Damon's "Come to me." I understand what she means and don't even think she's wrong. It just would have worked better for me had Damon instead told Elena he wants her to do what she wants to do, and what she thinks is best for her and only her. But it doesn't matter now. Elena would or will be appalled if/when she learns that Damon sacrificed all those lives, to get the cure for her. At least -- I hope she will be. And before you think I'm being unfair to Damon, please know I remember that before they broke up, Stefan was willing to turn people in order to grow the hunter's mark, too. If he's any "better" in this situation, that's only because he didn't have the chance to be bad. Run away, Elena. Run away from pretty much everyone in that town, but maybe save Matt from these people, too. Bonnie's wrapped up in a horrible mess. Caroline sees you as a ninny who needs to be shielded from the truth, controlled and is willing to betray your confidence. Both of your boyfriends are monsters. Your brother is too dangerous to be around and let's not even start on the Originals. I'd tell you to take Tyler with you, but that seems as unwise as taking Jeremy. Grab Matt. Run. Run away and never look back.

I'm going to leave things here. I will be back Friday morning with coverage of "Catch Me If You Can." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then come on over to the forum, where I am vamp running in place to atone for my sins.

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