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Cary, Get Out Your Cane

David Lee, scowling: "Alicia Florrick?"
Alicia: "Yes."
David Lee: "We found the rider."

The world comes off her shoulders, she starts crying. Kalinda can't stop smiling and trying to see Alicia's eyes, but not catch her eyes, but wants Alicia to smile back, and it's amazing.


Diane: "I'm overjoyed!"
Will: "You must have been freaking the fuck out."
Alicia: "Oh, I was."

Everybody smiles and laughs and run around fixing things. But then David Lee points at Alicia's signature on the page... And it isn't hers. And this time, she looks right at Kalinda. And Kalinda looks back.

Alicia goes through her kids' trust file, again and again. Not a bribe. David Lee, working three steps ahead. Or just what he said it was.:

Diane, looking at it: "Okay, but you're not sure?"
Alicia: "Am I sure that this rider is something David Lee slipped to me to sign? No. I just... I think there were six pages in my children's trust to sign, and now there are five..."
Diane: "We need to go on your best memory. You remember signing the rider, and you're not sure if this is a different one? Testimony is about your best memory."
Alicia: "What if it's wrong?"
Diane: "Testimony is about your best memory. Your memory is that saw the rider being signed. That's a fact. It's not my job to make Preston's case for him. It's his job to poke holes in your testimony. You don't poke holes in your own."
Alicia: "Right. Got it. Yes. I get that. I have to go be sickened now."

I love that. Love it. Of all the Alicia Situations she regularly gets herself into, this is the one of the Aliciaest, because Diane's right: There's no reason it shouldn't have been, and she can't be deposed to say other than her recollection. It's a paperwork issue, a legalism at the most extreme, which changes nothing about the case they did in good faith or the work Julius did in good faith: Just a thing that is unknowable, compounded by another thing that is unknowable, and whether or not something happened in the middle, she can never know. I'm just glad Kalinda's hands are off it: There's plenty of time for her to do gray-hat stuff


Elsbeth: "I love children's plays. Anything with bears!"
Wendy Scott-Carr: "I just enjoy artifice of any kind. You're a funny little thing."
Elsbeth: "You're Wendy Scott-Carr, aren't you?"
Wendy: "Yes. Yes, I am. And soon I'll be the woman who destroyed Peter Florrick and everything else in a five-mile radius. Are you with the SA?"
Elsbeth: "God no. I'm a lawyer. Will Gardner's lawyer, in fact."
Wendy: "Hahaha! We are having such fun!"

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