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Cary, Get Out Your Cane

Damn, I love Wendy Scott-Carr. She's so neat to watch.

Elsbeth: "Yeah. I heard that you met with my client, huh? Don't do that again without me present, okay?"
Wendy: "He bribed several judges, lady."
Elsbeth: "Funny thing, this journalist was asking me about particular judges..."
Wendy: "I haven't talked to the press."

(Which, didn't she totally leak testimony before? Or something similarly bad, during the three-way race? Am I making this up?)

Elsbeth: "No, sure! But the particular judges were Howard, Spinelli and Cotter [I think], which are three of the most honest judges on the bench. I mean, it would be fucked up if you pissed off those very trusted and honorable judges..."
Wendy, getting harder: "You leaked those names? I'm not even investigated them on this trumped-up shit. I could get you for obstruction of justice right now."
Elsbeth: "Yeah, but like, you'd need a judge to file that. Right? I mean, I'm guessing that would be tough."
Wendy: "I gotta go, I'm with my kids. Tell your client to get ready for indictment."
Elsbeth: "He doesn't need to be. I am! Nice to meet you."



Preston: "So you just happened to find this lynchpin document, huh? You bitches are lying."
Diane: "I am offended."
Preston: "Whatever. I'm re-deposing Alicia. And the other first-year from that case..."
Diane: "Don't say it don't say it don't say it..."
Alicia: "Don't say it don't say it don't say it..."
Jacob: "Please say it that's so awesome just say it..."
Preston: "CARY AGOS!"
Diane & Alicia: "Aw, you said it."
Diane: "Great, I'll call him right the fuck up."


Aussie's waiting for Diane when she gets out of work, down in the lobby, dressed like Blake Calamar's sexy grandpa.

Diane: "Hey, lurk much? Are you going to ask me out now?"
Freddy: "No, I just thought you'd think something was interesting. Regarding your summons."
Diane: "Man, I cannot figure you OUT. This is GREAT."
Freddy: "Yeah, I know. Mr. Huntley wasn't with his wife, let's say, when he signed off on those subpoenas."
Diane: "That is awesome. Can we make out yet?"
Freddy: "Maybe."
Diane: "ARGH, you are killin' me, man! You know that?"

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