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Cary, Get Out Your Cane

It is hot. She is not wrong.


Preston: "Do you recognize this document?"
Cary: "This one I didn't sign and had nothing to do with? I do not."
Preston: "But you were with Alicia on this divorce, under David Lee. So you would have seen this document."
Cary: "Dude, it was two years ago. I couldn't identify anything in that entire file for you."
Preston: "So how did a paper signed by Alicia Florrick end up in your files?"
Cary: "Man, I'm so over this. We shared an assistant. It's not that amazing."
Preston: "You were fired from this firm, yes? So your testimony might be influenced by wanting your job back?"
Cary: "Ha! You cannot construct that narrative. I will tell you that I have no reason to believe that thing's forged. I knew Mrs. Florrick and Mr. Lee to be outstandingly competent and ethical throughout my time at the firm."

Any other day, she'd be touched. Today, she just hears herself being lumped in with David Lee and it stings instead of helping. Any other day, you'd be touched to hear him say that. But we're past that now.

Cary: "And as for me, I have no vested interest. I don't work here and I don't intend to."

Diane nods, sadly. She's always had this hope, way in the back. They all have. Any other day it would be nice to see him.


Alicia: "Thank you."
Cary: "You're welcome?"
Alicia: "I don't get it."

He just laughs. She's lost something. Maybe he's the only one that can see it. But she can see him, seeing it -- "I don't get it," when she's the one that taught him it, and how to get it -- man, that's a rip. He feels sorry for her. They part fairly friendly, considering the last time she saw him she nearly ripped his face off, but she can still feel it when he's gone. Like he was shocked to see her in a different box than she one she used to define. Or maybe she's just being paranoid. Maybe she was supposed to get it? Maybe she's just growing up, and there's nothing to be ashamed of. But that doesn't feel right either. Any other day.


Preston: "We're going to send the document to get the ink tested."
David Lee: "That's stupid. It's overzealous and crazy and will run you thirty grand."
Diane: "So we can offer you thirty grand as a goodwill settlement..."
Huntley: "No way!"
Diane: "Fine. Here's our final offer."

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